Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snowman Bell Ringer

~~ Pic #13 ~~
Okay so seriously, how cute is this guy.
A few years ago a good friend of mine, Georgia found this guy hanging out on the Island of Misfit Toys and she decided to pick him up and give him a home with me. So what made him a misfit you ask? Well he was missing whatever it was he was suppose to be holding in his hand, so she had a little bell and decided that he looked like the old time Salvation Army bell ringers, so she glued that bell in is hand and voila, my little bell ringer was wrapped up and presented to me as a CHRISTmas gift. He was really grown on me this little fella ~~ thanks G.

Don't forget Monday is BooMaMa's tour of homes, so get those pics ready. I can't wait to see all of yours. I'll have to clear my calendar for Monday (hahahahaha). We are suppose to have ice, sleet and snow (in that order) Monday-Thursday. So if we get all of that, I'll be cozying up and hunkering down (isn't hunkering a funny word =) anyway . . .

Have a Blessed Lord's day,


  1. Your little snowman bell-ringer is so cute!

    I may be hunkering down with you next week.

    (Dawn, head over to my blog for an award.)

  2. How cute a snowman... & how clever to add the bell...

    Hang in there... tis the season for nasty weather!

  3. AWW! I just absolutely love everything that is cute and I just LOVE all of your cute things!!!

  4. I love the word "hunkering" - and the act of hunkering is pretty wonderful too! We are super cold tonight/tomorrow so I'm planning to stick around home tomorrow myself!

    Praying for you -

  5. I'm jealous!! I wish we would get some snow! That just makes everything so Christmasy!! :)