Monday, January 12, 2009

MM-R on this fine day!!

So this is week two of our journey through the library of books at our house I have yet to read. This is a really fun journey I'm on. And wow I really have a lot of partial and unread books . . . how does that happen? anyway . . .

This past week I read "Jesus on Leadership" by C. Gene Wilkes and here is my take on it:

This book was a challenging read in a week. There is so much information and so thought provoking.

On page 28 of this book I believe the author captures the heart of this book:

“A great leader is great because he lives - without compromise- the call to mission on his life. He is also great because he inspires others to carry out that mission with him. I believe Jesus was (and is) a great servant leader because he served his Father’s mission without compromise and has inspired many people over many centuries to carry it out. I can also say that I believe Jesus was the greatest leader because his mission was for all people for all time. Even great leaders in history only affect their space on the timeline and beyond. Jesus affected all creation for all time. His life, death, and resurrection served the greatest need of people for all time to have a personal relationship with the God who created us. “

This book really made me think about my own brand of leadership, do I lead as a servant like Jesus did? The world’s idea of leadership is much different than Jesus’ idea of leadership. The world’s idea has nothing to do with servanthood and every thing to do with self-driven ideas. It is a me-me-me attitude versus wanting to do the will of God by serving others. Now that is the real way to lead. This book really challenged me.

One of the examples Mr. Wilkes uses to illustrate servant leadership in Jesus’ life was the night of the Passover when Jesus washes the feet of the disciples, including Judas Iscariot. Jesus, knowing all that was about to happen, washed the feet of the one who would betray Him, and He did it in love and servanthood. What a beautiful picture of the true servant leader.

So I would like to leave you with the question that the author poses toward the end of the book:

“What kind of Christians would you produce if the only way they learned how to walk with the Lord was by following you around and mimicking your actions?”

Wow!! What a question!!! I’m telling you this book will really make you think. This is definitely a question I believe every believer should ask themselves.

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord,


  1. Now that's a haunting question. And the thought of washing someone's feet who meant me harm? Hmm. That's tough.