Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh the Happenings Around Here ~~ Dak Style ~~

So one of these days, when I'm tagged with one of those fun tags like tell me quirky things about yourself, I'll explain in more detail about my titles and comments etc., but for now just suffice it to say that I enjoy explainations!! anyway . . .

Oh do we have some big goings on around the Winslow House-hold. And what makes this even sweeter is that I have permission to tell. Oh I love it when that happens, because it is no fun on my conscience when I tell without permission . . . Shamey. But today is not that day, nope I have permission. Okay moving on . . . (do you ever wish I'd just get to the point?) anyway. . .

Before CHRISTmas Dak went to the movies with a "friend" to see Twilight. Well this friend just happened to be a girl, but he insisted they just went as "friends". Okay enough said, taking off the drill-sargent mom hat and putting on the sensible mom hat and moving on. So about two weeks after that, she the "friend", invited him to a CHRISTmas lunch and he went; as "friends". Well they didn't talk over break, so I thought maybe I'd over thought it and they were really friends so I didn't give it a lot more thought and went on with my busy hectic schedule of sitting in the recliner with ice on my knee and sipping peppermint tea ~~ I heart the holidays ~~ anyway. . .

The last day of break, late in the day like really evening, he came into the office where I was hanging out with ya'll and had this BIG smile on his face and announced he had his first official date. ~~ What? When did this happen? (Because I so didn't have to ask with whom ~~ I am so keen like that ~~) anyway . . . He said that he asked her on facebook and she said yes.

So where does one 16 year old boy without a liscense and no job take a girl on a date?

Yep he said that he told her he was poor, but he really wanted to take her out and wanted to know if she'd come over here on Saturday and he'd cook and they'd eat and watch some of the first season of Smallville that he'd gotten over CHRISTmas (thanks Grandma), and guess what? She said yes!! How cool is that?

So he got up on Saturday (early ~~ so cute) and made pizzas for them and for us ~~ thank you son for thinking of our grumbling bellies as well, and set about the task of getting everything ready. It was so sweet. She arrived and they were so cute. She looked darlin' in her pretty white coat with the furry hood and slide on ankle type boots. Adorable.

Well, they spent the day here and then went to the game that night. Our b-ball team played for first in our conference ~~ and won!! Go Blue Jays!!!

So after the game Carly ("the friend") ran Dak home and while they were on their way (like 2 minutes literally) he texted her to see if she'd go out with him (code for will you be my girlfriend for those of us kicking it old school =) We'll of course she was driving and couldn't get to her phone so her sister in the back seat grabbed it ~~ smooth son =) but Dak grabbed it out of her hand and clicked it shut. So when he got out he told her she might want to check her phone when she got home and then call him. So she called him, and he asked her and she said yes!!!!! So they are steady (do they even use that term anymore?).

When did this happen? When did my baby grow up? I am actually really happy for him and for Carly. She is a lovely girl. Now granted she is a senior and Dak is a sophmore, but neither one seem to mind. They just genuinely like each other. It is very sweet.

So this morning, I was sitting in my recliner nursing my ever swollen knee (more about that tomorrow) he came and sat down real close and got under my new fuzzy covers (more about that tomorrow too =) and it felt like he was seven again. We just sat under the covers for about 15 minutes discussing what it might be like at school today because facebook was so crazy last night. It was the sweetest thing, and I felt like, even if only for a moment, I had my little boy sitting on my lap . . . it was GREAT!! Love you son!!!

So big goings on I tell ya, and just a lot of fun to be witness too. I just love teenagers!!!


  1. Okay, I know I am pregnant...but this makes me cry! I just sometimes dread my little boy growing up, but this is SO sweet! You are a wonderful mother, friend! Enjoy God's blessings this day!
    OH- and I am going to say an extra prayer for that knee!!!

  2. So, it begins, Dawn. The girlfriend thing is a whole new experience. I love that he showed you a sign of growing up and still being your baby all in the same post. Those are PRECIOUS MOMENTS!!

  3. Oh, how sweet!! He sounds so precious!!
    I have to say, Glory!! Hallelujah!! I do not have to "date" or "go steady". All the differences in terminology just throw me.

  4. AAHHH - that first crush - going steady - relationship thing... how fun is that! Just hearing Dak go through it brings back all the fun butterflies!!! And of course she'd say yes - where are you going to find a wonderful, caring boy like Dak???? That he made her pizza & wanted to hang out around the house where PARENTS are??? Says alot about the man he's going to be!!! Now... gotta get a picture!

    And am anxious to hear about the swollen knee!! Take it easy friend!

  5. Dawn,

    Your little boy is growing up! What a sweet post about such a fine young man. Any girl would be blessed to "go steady" with such a great guy.

    I know you must be so proud of him!

    Love you!