Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So What Constitutes Back?

Going to Target like a big girl all by myself ~~ YAY ~~ oh yeah and 90 degrees, which I haven't hit yet, and I found out yesterday that "back" will actually be 130 degrees, but a girl has to have goals and my current one in PT is 90 degrees.

I haven't written a lot about my knee lately, so a quick update goes something like this:

I'm at 80 degrees ~~ yes you heard that right!! The girl that started out 8 or so weeks ago at 30 degrees has gained 50 and sits at 80 ~~ WOOHOO!!! I am down to one crutch and working on getting off of that onto a cane and then from there look out. Going solo!! Can't wait!!!

My PT is going well, still a lot of pain, but when I am weak He is strong. So I am feeling rather strong during PT these days. I've rescheduled our Mayo appt. Minnesota in February sounded like being snowed in for days, waiting to happen, so we changed it to March 17th, yep good ole Saint Patty's day. I'll be wearing green in the cold lands . . . anyway . . .

Another random thing that constitutes "back" is me and MaMa Jean. MaMa Jean is the local health food store that I get lost in every time I go. Not because it is so big, but because they have things like local grown honey in a dispenser that is $2.something a pound and local grown micro-greens grown local for $2.98 a package. Can you say veggie sandwich for lunch? I love being able to get out and go do those little things like that that I wouldn't burden others with. Do you get me?

And yes to close I went to Target, walked around (1 crutch but no wheelchair cart thing) YAY and did just find. I'm getting ready for my neighbor to drop by for a chat or I'd take pics of the cool things I got, maybe after while, anyway . . .

Have a Blessed day,


  1. At 80 degrees? Thats FANTASTIC!!!! Keep working at it! Hope you didnt wear yourself out too much going through Target... crutches are tiring, I think!

    And like the new header!

  2. You've made some serious progress!! Yay for you!

    And, I LOVE the health food store. I could look all day (and spend way too much money).

  3. Praise the Lord for your progress - awesome! Love your new blog look too!

  4. What a positive post!! I am so glad you are getting your mobility back and I can sense such a positive attitude in your posts!

    Look out world here comes Dawn!!!!

  5. I am glad your knee is getting better. I know I was just here the other day and you had a different blog design than the one today. Are you doing all these changes yourself? They look great.

  6. I'm so happy that you're able to get out by yourself again. Being women it's just no fun having to depend on someone else is it....we're just not used to it.

    Keep up the progress.

  7. YES!!!!! Getting back to Target is definitely a milestone!!! You encourage me, friend!