Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This, That and The Other . . .

So what is the other anyway? Don't we have funny sayings? Anyway . . .
Today is just a little bit of random happenings before I head out the door (more on that in a minute).
First blogger will not center my pics, I do not know what's it's problem is today, but boo!!
Okay, anyway . . . Yesterday Dak was sick and needed to go to the doc, so I made him an appointment and off we went. His ear has been really hurting so you can't mess around with that. Well, he didn't have an ear infection, his ear was impacted because of a sinus infection. So she dug wax stuff out of his ear until it bled =( poor thing. It was gross and really hurt, but he is feeling better. He is on antibiotics for the infection and on the road to recovery ~~ YAY!! And yesterday was his last day of freedom before back to school today ~~ poor guy ~~ but at least he didn't miss school to go to the doc.
We went to Walmart while we was waiting for his medicine and I went to the scrapbook section and found the cutest scrapbook kits for $14.97, all stuff included. GREAT!!! So I got it and brought it home and got started while watching the BCS Tostitos Bowl ~~ Go Texas (another story for another time =) anyway . . .
This is what I found . . .

Cute eh?
And this is what I did with it.
So Sweet!!!!!

Oh yeah and this!!
This is Dak after getting my birdhouse put up on CHRISTmas eve.
And this is me and my baby sis hamming it up later that night.

And then Dak and I opening up our presents on CHRISTmas eve night after my fam left.
So fun!!!

Oh yeah the tree in the above pic didn't come with the album, it is my little add on. This wasn't even a Christmas book per say . . . but it worked beautiful!!!

Okay so about my heading out the door. I have PT today and guess what? I am driving myself!!! Get out!! I know!!!!!! I'm so happy for me to!!!!!!!

We have lots of exciting stuff and some serious stuff going on in our lives right now, but in all things I give God the glory!!! He knows right where I'm at; He sees me and knows me. So if you are in the middle of exciting or serious or somewhere in between give Him all the glory for This, That and the Other!!!

Love you ~~ Have a Blessed day,


  1. Cute scrapbook ... cuter pictures!

    Good for you on driving to your appointment. Seems I remember a step of FAITH when that appointment was made...

  2. Driving yourself.....WOOO HOOOO!!!!

  3. Will you move to Arkansas so we can hang out? :) Your comments always make my day. And I love your faith and optimism in your blog. Thank you for your kindness!

  4. i recommend you to check out the eardoc for the ear infection.
    it is a non invasive medical device that treats the problem instantly.

  5. I LOVE that scrapbook!!! I have been working on mine, too. Wish you were here so we could work and watch football together!!! (and eat, of course!)
    Hope PT went well today!

  6. You are my hero for getting your Christmas scrapbook completed already! It's darling!

    Congrats on driving yourself to PT - hope the appt went well/

  7. Love the scrapbook!

    Yes, HE sees and He knows. Love that!

  8. How exciting that you drove YOURSELF to PT!! You go, girl! There's no stopping you now!

    And you have just become a little creative genius! Love the new scrapbook.

    Praising God with you for "This, That and the Other"!

    Love you!