Monday, January 19, 2009

Updates and No MM-R --What?!!

So first of all let me please explain why there is no MM-R (Monday Morning Review). It is not because I didn't read a book this week because I did, and it isn't because I didn't do a report in Word to copy here, because I did. No it is because my computer went KAPLOOY!!! Don't ya just hate it when that happens, anyway . . . But of course hubs to the rescue. He is going to a computer fix-it place this afternoon after work to see if they can give us some guidance on just what to do to retrieve our data, pics (oh my stars I have HUNDREDS of GREAT pics on that laptop) and files even if it can't be fixed, but I'm sure hoping we can do a re-boot and whatever else and fix it. But we'll see. If not, that's okay. So if I can get it retrieved I will post it, but if not I will re-write and post it soon. The book I read this past week was "No Wonder They Call Him the Savior" by Max Lucado. This week I am reading "Twelve Extraordinary Women" by John McArthur.

So now on to some updates. First of all, I thought I'd just share with you what happened with my left leg yesterday. I sat down. Yes you read that right. No dancing, no flying through the air, no acrobats, no running, just sitting. I sat down and a shooting pain went through the ligament on the outside of my knee. Not good. So I am now keeping a wrap on it and being very careful with it. It popped again this morning, so we will see what happens with it. Hopefully it will settle down and start acting right . . . hmpfff.

No onto some more updateable news. A week or so ago I told ya'll about my cousin and her family that flew to China to pick up their 13 year old son MingZhi or Nick, which will be his American name. Well they have him and are now waiting to finish paperwork on Tuesday or Wednesday and then start their long journey home to Louisville on Thursday. Please remember them in your prayers. Not all has been smooth sailing and my dear cousin needs our prayers. But all seems to be well now, but there are still some hurdles to jump, so if you'd remember them, I'd be so grateful.

Now onto some pics from China!! YIPPEE!!!

Left to Right: Kaelyn, Devin, Cliff, Nick (MingZhi), and sweet Heather -- We love this family so!!!!!

This is Devin and Kae doing some sight seeing in Beijing. So cute!!!

And this is Devin and Nick arm in arm . . . how sweet is this, and so very encouraging to see. It would be tough being 13 and going to a new country with people you don't really know. So nice that him and Devin are so close in age (Devin is 12).

Please keep remembering Baby Harper, Kelly and Scott in your prayers. I'm believing God for a miracle for this baby and family.
Love you all!! Blessings to you,


  1. Oh, Dawn, that picture of the boys arm in arm got to me!! What a blessing for Nick to be adopted into such a LOVING family.

    So sorry to hear about your knee and your computer acting ugly!!

    Still praying here in Flippin...

  2. That picture of their arms around each other just makes me want to cry... how sweet!!!! That both boys are already so open to each other... I'm in awe that the family was so willing to adopt an older child in the first place... May God bless this whole family - Especially Nick who is going to literally have a whole new world open to him...

    And YIPEE - I'll tell you - sitting down is just as good as dancing with everything you've been through! When I tore my hamstrings, I had big issues with popping - it'll still do it every now & then... but PT should help! let them know!

  3. Hey Dawn. Sorry about the shooting pain in your knee. I hope that it is nothing to bad. Take it easy! I will pray "Nick" and family what a testimony to adopt a 13 yr old. I have been praying for Kelly as well.