Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What does the Nightshade Family do for fun?

Well they don't show up on my plate anymore ~~ what's a girl to do?

Well as my personality would have it, when I am given a new challenge I face it head on. I do not like to be blindsided, so I generally take the bull by the horns. And of course, this time is no different, except that I am taking it a little slower with a lot more thought, since this looks like the way of it for a while.

Part of the OA diet I eluded to yesterday includes not eating from the nightshade family. So I knew a little about this family but not much. Where do they vaction? Do they enjoy Arby's? You know the normal stuff, anyway . . .

Given the fact they call themselves nightshade would give some indication that possibly it had something to do with darker colored veggies ~~ correct. (yep bright lightbulb right here)

Nightshades include:
  • eggplant (which I don't really eat anyway accept for my Aunt Katheryn's Eggplant Parmesan ~~ GET-OUT-OF-TOWN GOOD ~~ no more of that, oh boo, its' really okay I have only eaten it once like years ago, so it's not like I'm cutting our a frequent flier or anything, anyway . . . ),
  • tomatoes (WHAT????!!!!!???? No salsa or tomato sauce or tomato on my soy burger are you crazy? ~~ For my baby sis this would so not be a problem, but for me ~~ oh boo, anyway . . . )
  • potatoes (now its just getting crazy ~~ no potatoes? No veggie spud from McAlister's? !! Oh double boo )
  • peppers (not green, not red, not yellow, not hot, not mild NO PEPPERS ~~ enough said)

Those are the main ones. But then there were a few other things to add to this list that I can't have:

  • Anything with white flour in it (that's okay I don't need it anyway right? ~~ wait a minute lots of things have white flour in them like my beloved pretzels ~~ oh triple boo!!!)
  • No sugar ~~ (ahem, hello do they know who they are talking to? I enjoy my Splenda and my brown sugar and my organic cane sugar ~~ that's okay, I'm dealing right now, dealing ~~ bummer)
  • Very little dairy (now your just showing off OA diet people =)

Seriously I'm just playing around, although all of these items are things I must eliminate or cut back on. I really don't mind it. I'm so ready for the swelling to be down and me and this knee to start kicking some serious OA tush!! You know what I mean? Kicking it serious girl style!!!

Thank you so much for your kind comments and e-mails and most of all for your prayers. God is faithful and He hears our heart's cries. He knows us and loves us ~~ HE IS SO GOOD!!!!!

You will notice a few changes on the sidebar to include a prayer button for KayLeigh. Yes that is a wedding band on her tiny arm. Please pray for this sweet little one and her family when she crosses your mind. I so know they would appreciate it. Or better yet go visit their site (just click on the pic and it will send you right on over there) and meet this sweet little one and get a button of your own to post on your blog and thus spreading the word that this little one needs some serious prayer. If this was my little one, I'd so want EVERYONE praying!!

You'll also notice I've added Twitter updates. Now I am a fairly new twitter so I'm still kind of working it out, but just today figured out how to get the updates on my blog. Look at my tech-savvy self go ~~ now that's funny!!! =)

Love to you,


  1. Wow you ARE getting tech-savvy! I don't know anything about Twitter.

    I am praying for you, your knee and the OA diet. I know any kind of changes like this are difficult, but I also know that if anyone can do it, YOU can!

    I love you, sweet friend, and am hoping that you are restored to health very soon!

  2. I had never heard of the "Nightshade family". I don't know that I could give up tomatoes, though. I live on them and cucumbers in the summer.

    Just before heading out for church tonight, I clicked on over to read about KayLeigh. It will take me a while to get caught up on the situation. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    Look at you and your Twitter Updates!! (And you learned about Direct Messages today, too!)

    Have a GREAT Thursday.

  3. Ok, It is too hard for me to know just which foods are the "bad" foods. I have to have potatoes and I have to have bread. I know those are not the best choices...

    Hope that you are doing much better.

    Joyfully His,