Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Understanding the Knee-d . . .

Well I wanted to wait to do an update on the knee when I reached 90 degrees, but that has not happened yet. So thought I'd go ahead and update and then tell you the next step. Because definitely joining together in prayer will help.

Today was PT and I am still at 85 degrees. I was so hoping to be at 90 or even more today, but it seems things are not moving along quite like we'd hoped. I am having swelling in the knee joint itself and a new pain in the joint; bummer. But I am working through it and continuing PT at home and the PT gym as much as I can and am scheduled. The problem is the swelling may be starting to limit the flexion at this point. So we need to do some different things to help this baby along.

Amber, my PTist, said that we may need to call in a something-er-other swelling specialist. They have those? Apparently they do and she may be calling one to come see me if we can't get this swelling under control; bummer. When they come in they have all these fancy compression wraps and the like they can wrap me up in or custom make for me. Won't my knee think it's really special if it gets all tricked out? anyway . . .

To be honest, I'd just as soon get this swelling under control in less painful, more constructive ways. So after PT today I went to my fav health food store on the planet ~~ yes say it with me, MAMA JEAN'S. Hubby had said yesterday that I needed to call and talk to them about this, so I did and made arrangements to go into today after PT. The lady in there was SO helpful. They have a whole section on joint health alone, who knew?

Well apparently with knees like mine, with OA (osteo-arthritis), six knee surgeries and lots of pain, you have to take a little more drastic measures to get back on the road to recovery.

So she pointed me in the right direction towards an all-natural anti-inflammatory that I can take (I have lots of allergies to stuff) and then she showed me some rubs that might help and then she talked to me for a little bit about my diet. For people with OA there are special dietary guidelines that help a lot in the treatment of this. Like no sugar, no white flours and stay away from the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers etc.) ~~ she also gave me some great tips on what to eat, not just what not to eat. It was great.

So I'm going to be starting this special diet to see if we can get this swelling under control in my joint and maybe slow this OA puppy down. Goodness knows I don't need it spreading any more than it already has.

I feel so much better understanding how OA actually works against the body's natural defenses. She said that the swelling that is occurring is actually like puss in the body; yuck. The way the body reacts to puss is the same way it reacts to the swelling in the joint. Crazy huh? And having OA makes this a chronic problem. So it is very important to get and keep swelling out of the body. Yes, MaMa Jean worker was very helpful and knowledgeable.

So with my new found knowledge and peace from my Jesus we are moving forward. Yesterday was a hard day for me. My flesh really wanted me to have a pity party, but I'm not having it, OH NO I'M NOT!!!!! I am so thankful that God's mercies are new every morning and that His faithfulness is GREAT!!!!! This has been a much better day!!!

Thank you all for praying and for asking so often how I'm doing. I so didn't want this knee to take over the blog, because you know it would if I'd given it half the chance =)

Have a Blessed evening,


  1. Think of this as a way to get healthy, repair your knee, AND lose some weight!!

    We're keeping you in our prayers. That knee just needs some TLC!

    Take care of yourself, friend.

  2. Love that you are taking active ways to heal too - I think there is so much in natural foods & minerals & everything that Mama Jean gave you.. interested to see how that works for you!!!

    Hang in there friend... IT WILL GET BETTER!!!! You'll be at 90 degrees soon!!!

  3. I am praying specifically about the swelling! I am so proud of you for all the educating and work you have done!!