Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Black Out -- Teenage Style!!!

If you follow this blog you know that I am the mom of a much loved teenager Dak.

He never ceases to come up with stuff that makes me laugh or surprises me, and this morning I got a dose of both: humor and surprise -- both good in this case =)

He got up a little early and said today was black-out day at school. Ummmmm okay, I'll bite . . . what's black out day Dak?

Well this week is Spirit week because Friday is Homecoming, so every day they have a different theme and today's is black-out. This is a new one on me. We've had in the past, hat day, pajama day, mixed-up day (ya know pants and shirts on backwards, shoes on the wrong feet, you get the idea =) crazy hair day etc. but NEVER black out day.

Apparently black out day is just that, you wear all black. Simple enough right?

So Dak, gets his black dress pants, and black dress shoes, and I'm having visions of my very cute son looking all dapper today in all dress clothes -- ummm hello, do I know this child at all? Ummm yes I do, it was a moment of daydreaming bliss =) I digress . . . anyway. . . .

So he comes out from the shower, in yes, his black dress pants and shoes with his black ninja monkey t-shirt on . . . no not even kidding . . .
see what I mean?!!?

It says, "Be nice to me or I'll sic my ninja monkeys on you."
Nice son. . . real nice.
anyway . . .
Then he asks if I have any of that makeup that goes under your eyes? Ya know like the football players wear. Okay because yeah I keep that around for all of the football games I play with my beloved Nebraska team in the back yard =)

So of course I said . . . uhhhh no. Does that deter the child, oh no NOT AT ALL!!!!! HE IS NOT TO BE DETERRED!!!!! So he says, do you have any eyeliner? Ummm yes, yes I do. GREAT!!! So here I am, naively thinking that the eyeliner will be made for the black under his eyes and all is good, but ummmm. . .
Well just take a look at what came out of the bathroom . . .

Why yes that is a mustache, curly handle-bar style and a gotee.
Son, for the love of all things wild and wonderful, if you don't crack me right on up!!!!!

So yes, just to clear things up, he did go to school just like this, DETERMINED to win Spirit day today. Apparently the best show of Spirit for the day wins. GO DAK!!!!! YOU GET MY VOTE!!!!!
So go have a rockin' good day!!!!!


  1. How funny!! High school brings lots of fun and goofy stuff. Enjoy him!!

    (Let us know if he wins.)

  2. I loved Homecoming week!!! Black out day is new to me too! I loved Miss-match day!!! That was the funnest! Dak looks great in his moustache! Looks like he needs to put on a black cowboy hat & tie a girl up to a train track or something! :-)

    Hope that knee is doing well friend!

  3. I have never heard of "black out day" either...but I love those theme days at school!

  4. Love Dak's new mustache! LOL I remember when my girls used to participate in Spirit week....things always got a little hairy around the neighborhood with all the toilet papering. It was always good clean fun though.

  5. he's got my vote!! i think my favorite part was the mustache! that's awesome! oh...to be in high school again and to have homecoming week! anyways (i don't need to think to much on that subject or i'll never shut up!) he' soooo cute! hope he had a good time! GO DAK!

  6. So funny! I loved Spirit Week at school!

  7. I have two teenagers myself, I have decided that teenagers are a species all their own.