Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where in the Wide World am I?

Well I would so like to say that I have been hanging out in the mountains hiking with my fam, but in reality I have been here in good ole C, MO hanging out. I have been a bad blogger this week, which quite frankly is unlike me. I really like posting daily, but this week, well I have been a slacker =)

I've had a VERY busy week. Dak got sick and I had to take him to see the Doc yesterday and yes he has another sinus infection; the second in a month.

And Dick got Dak's car fixed this week, so I need to get it tagged and all that stuff, so I've been busy trying to get that done. We've had mom's car because it broke down last week, so Dick's had to get it fixed to, which he has. So now we just need to get it back to her. Man I'm glad hubs can work on our cars. He saves us a bundle!!!!!

And then there is this knee of mine. There is much to say, but I will just say for now, that it is having a REALLY bad day. I had PT this morning and we did a little stretching and stem and ice. That's it!! What?!! I know. Bummed me out. But the swelling and pain are back, so I'm back to taking it extremely easy and trying to not get upset. It is a bummer (did I say that already? anyway. . .)

I actually have a post that I so want to get down, but I can't right now. I need to go get a few groceries put away and get this knee up so maybe the swelling will go down and we can start exercising again. But hopefully tomorrow will be a slower day for me. I have so much to share with ya'll. God has so been showing up!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Have a Blessed evening,


  1. I was wondering about you girl! Glad that you are OK, just busy. Don't I know it! Have a great evening and I look forward to your post. The Lord is stirring one up inside of me also. Isn't God good?

    In Him,

  2. I was wondering about you!! You sound a little down... hang in there. It'll all work out for you - you're too faithful!!

    Take it easy this evening and take care of yourself.

  3. I too was wondering about you - worried your knee had an even worse turn!!!! Anxious to hear about your blog post you got coming..

    And hope Dak is feeling better..

  4. We miss you when you don't post!!! Praying for that knee!!! Hope Dak is feeling cold still won't go away and I am giving it the eviction!!! :)

  5. Hope Dak gets better soon. Can't wait to hear what all God has been up to!

  6. I've been sick the past week and hubby started coming down with it this morning, so I feel your pain in that department. Must be that time of year! Thanks for the post and update - praying for your knee!

  7. That is nice that your hubby works on cars for you!! So nice!! Hope Dak feels better! Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Oh my, if you are a blogging slacker, I hate to see what you think I am! (-:

    It sounds like you have had a busy week, for sure. I am so sorry to hear that Dak has had another sinus infection. I am prone to those, too, and they make you just feel miserable! I hope that he feels much better soon! (I am thinking that getting that car for the weekend probably helped him to feel MUCH better!)

    How blessed you are that your husband can work on cars because you are absolutely right, that saves you a bundle.

    I am so sorry to hear about the bad day with the knee. Sorry that the pain and the swelling are back and I know that it is a bummer. I certainly understand how hard it is to take it easy.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post and I will definitely be checking ITunes out for that song! Thank you for recommending it!

    I'm praying for you and I love you, my friend,