Friday, February 6, 2009

Bringing Dull Back . . .On Random Friday

Why you might ask would I do such a thing?!! Well I'm tellin' ya people only out of necessity.

I am currently sitting in the office thinking I need to have this knee back in the recliner, reclining on a ridiculous amount of pillows surrounded, smothered really, in ice, but I would so rather be here with you. So why, since I'm typing on a laptop do I not just take it in there with me. Yeah, I don't know, other than to say it is a lot of maneuvering when you are by yourself to get crutch, computer, box computer sits on, bag ice and Velcro ice (another story. . .another day), ridiculous amounts of pillows, oh yeah and me in the recliner. By the time I do all that it will be time to plug this baby back in. Oh yeah it is a chore.

So yesterday in PT it was decided that I should HAVE TO start taking it much easier or me and my knee and all our trials and tribulations will be marching right on back up to Mayo in quick fashion and then what would I tell the doc: ummmm I'm not a good girl, I like to do my own shopping, laundry, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming . . . she will be unimpressed and I will be in big trouble!!!

So to save myself the trouble of the last paragraph I have decided (with a lot of persuasion) that rest, ice, elevation, boredom and lots of reading in a chair is necessary if this swelling is ever going to leave my body.

One thing you should know is that I am a sweller. We have never really understood this phenomena, but if I get an injury or what have you, even a teeny one, I swell. I however, just to clear things up, am not a feverer. I do not run fevers hardly ever, EXCEPT after surgery and then I ALWAYS run at least a low grade fever. Weird. I know.

Anyway . . .

So yesterday morning, Dak comes in, (yes in his t-shirt and tie) and says something like this.

Dak: Mom, you want to hear a new song I got?

Me: Sure.

Dak proceeds to start playing a song with no intelligible words on it. Just a bunch of keyboards and once in a while someone saying nothing that makes sense. And he is dancing to this.

I have decided I am old. sigh.

anyway. . .

After his cute little dancing, and I do mean cute, this exchange:

Dak: Mom I have two songs in Russian.

Mom: Yeah because you speak Russian.

Dak smiles and proceeds to play the song and sing along in Russian. I am impressed and puzzled.

This, my friends, is life with a teenager. Yes very random sometimes, but absolutely priceless. I love every minute we hang out together. And then my heart breaks a little more every time he leaves car keys in hand, to go to his next adventure, because I know one day that car will be full of his belongings and will be taken him off to college. Okay so I have a couple years, but a girl has to prepare.

Thanks for hanging with me for this weird post. It must be the pain =) Okay really its just me, but I'll blame it on the pain =)

Have a Blessed and wonderful weekend!!

Little Scoot, better known as Skylar is coming to Grandpa, Grandma's and Uncle Dak's for the weekend -- WOOHOO!!! That should make the knee feel better!!


  1. I am so sorry your knee is hurting...and sorry you are having to take it easy....but I will be praying that it's not for long!

  2. You and Dak are funny. You may have a couple of years left, but they'll fly by, I tell you. So, enjoy EVERY moment with that child!!

    Find you some "chick flicks" and sit down and have ya a movie day this weekend!! (I love those days)

    Kale and Kayla are on their way here!!! Yay! So we both will be blessed this weekend!

  3. Sorry your knee is bothering you. I know that you will have a great time with the little grandbaby! Aren't they the greatest? We had little Mercie's 1st birthday party tonight and it was wonderful.

    Love - Beth

  4. a sweet baby's face & love can make EVERYTHING feel better!!!

    Rest up friend! Going to try & make the knitting video for you this weekend! Give you something to do while you're down for awhile!

  5. Hope you're heeding the advice about not overdoing it and that knee is soon good as new!

    Enjoy that Little Scoot this weekend and I can't wait to see pictures!

    Love you, girl!

  6. Dawn, I left an award for you on my blog.