Thursday, February 5, 2009

You are all that . . . and a bag of chips!!!!!

So ya'll know that if there is one thing that I can't get enough of it would be my lovely son, Dak. He just takes the cake and gets my goat (hahahaha. . . I love funny sayings =) anyway . . .

Well this morning was very hilarious because he came in and asked me if I knew where his tie was. Now this puzzled me because I was wondering if I'd forgotten about something at school today. So I clarified with the ever popular . . . What?

Dak: Do you know where my blue tie is?

Me: What? Your tie?

Dak: Yes do you know where it is?

Me: Umm no. Are you wearing your black pants?

Dak: No.

Me: Are you wearing your dress shirt.

Dak: No. I'm wearing a t-shirt.

Me: (puzzled, confused) Ummm a t-shirt?

Dak: Yes my friend Clayton and I are wearing t-shirt and a tie today.

Me: Ummm okay?!! (Puzzled) What if Clayton doesn't wear his?

Dak: I'm wearing mine anyway.

Me: Ummm Okay?!! (still puzzled)

So here is Dak with his jacket hiding his tie.
Such a cute smile!!!

And here he is . . . him and his cute hair!!!

And here he is . . . him and his cute tie . . .

Yep it's working for ya son =)

Okay just to clarify. Yes he did go to school just like this, (and just for further clarification, no Clayton did not wear his tie), and everyone loved it. He was the hit and trend setter of school today.

I was telling my PTist about him going to school with a t-shirt and a tie and she said that she's seen several kids wearing this look. Really? Yep.

Well I've always said he's trendy.

We walked out the door today and I told him . . . .

Me: Son you are all that . . . and a bag of chips . . . maybe two =)

Dak: I know =)

I love this kid!!!!!

Have a Blessed evening,


  1. This is too funny!!! I actually like the tie and t-shirt look! Very stylin'! Most of all, I just love your relationship with your son and you are my role model in this area! (and others, too!)

  2. He is too cute...and you are such a great mom, Dawn! When I read your stories it just reminds me of me and Mark so much. Boys are the BEST! :)

  3. There's nothing like a momma and her baby boy!!!

  4. What a cute post about such a cute fella with the best mom ever! Dak is blessed to have such a great mom and you are so blessed that ya'll are so close!

    I love reading your stories and I love YOU!