Friday, February 20, 2009

Joy in the Simple on this Random, but Very Relevant Friday . . . .

Today I am thinking about the simple, probably because today in some ways is complicated. I felt like the lesson Abba asked me to teach this morning in CYC was not an easy one. It was about being relevant and authentic in this extremely CRAZY world we live in. It seemed complicated to me, but sometimes I just make things to hard.

Hubs left for work like everyday and called me about 2 mins later (literally) and said that the car broke down, boo. and he was walking back home. What? Huh? (please keep in mind that it was 5:15 AM and I am really tired today, so yes I was confused and yes the fix for the car is probably going to be complicated. bummer.) I. do. not. like. car. troubles. blchhhhhh!!!!!

So he is home today and trying to figure out what to do. simple? no. Blessing. Yes!! Dak had the car last night and I'm so thankful he got home safe and sound. It literally broke down within about 2/10's of a mile from our house (if even that). It you moved the house across from me, you can see the car. (not that I'm moving the house, but you know . . . ) anyway . . . I'm just very happy that Dak wasn't driving it when it broke down. And also I was gone all day yesterday in it, again so thankful if it was going to break down that it didn't strand anyone more than 2/10's from our home. Thank you Jesus!!!

And also a praise is that we did get Dak's car running last weekend (remember that story? anyway. . .) So we at least have that to drive in the interim even though hubs still needs to fix the switch. anyway . . .

So what in the world does any of this have to do with joy in the simple? Because I make things so hard somtimes. Even though I felt very inadequate in teaching the lesson God laid on my heart this morning, I know the kids got it. I could see it. And one of the girls in class B, just broke up with a long time boyfriend. hard. So I got to love on her neck. Sometimes life is just hard.

But today I am finding joy in the simple. Like hugging B. It was a simple gesture but she needed it. Who do you know that needs a hug today? Can you fulfill this simple joy for them?

I talked to C's mom today. My friend that has cancer. She is not doing well. Please keep praying for her. As I was talking to her mom, my heart was so sad and full at the same time. This is an amazing family of faith. She told me today this was not the road they wanted to be walking but they were taking it one day at a time. That's all they could do.

Who needs a call today? Can you fulfill this simple joy for them?

I asked K if I could send C a card and she said she loves cards. I am so happy. I'll be working on that this afternoon. It is a simple thing, but it brings joy to the giver and the receiver.

Who needs a card today? Can you fulfill this simple joy for them?

These are questions I am asking myself today as well. There are MANY needs out there. And many of us can do simple things to help those who have needs. Maybe monetarily you are completely strapped, but you can drop them an email of encouragement. Please do. The recipient will love the fact you thought of them.

So today I am determined to find joy in the simple. Like maybe getting laundry caught up before the weekend. Talking to Dak about his night last night. Snuggling with hubs when he gets back from dinking with the car (I never get him in the day during the week -- I will be making good use of snuggling time =) Playing with little Scoot, did I say little Scoot? Uh huh!! Does this mean he is coming over for the weekend? Uh-huh!!! Does this also mean I am just gitty about it? -- OH YES IT DOES!!!!! BRING ON SIR CUTENESS!!!!!

Okay so get out there and do the simple and in doing the simple find GREAT JOY!!!!!

Hope this wasn't too random a post, but you know it is Random Friday after all =)


  1. When we are about full of life, life dumbs onus again. But it's our reaction to life that counts.

    You were very blessed it was your husband driving and in your own neighborhood when the car broke down.

    I to HATE car problems and sometimes thing we should go back to horse and buggy. But it get cold her in the winter so I am sure I would just complain about the cold. Oh well, what's a girls to do?

    I assume the CUTENESS you're talking about is a grandbaby? Have fun.

  2. YUCK-O on the car problems!!! I like this post, though. Finding joy in the simple....very good to do...very hard to do sometimes, too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Great post, Dawn. I'm reminded on a daily basis of the great needs surrounding us. It is unfathomable sometimes.

    Sorry about your car problems. Hope that gets fixed soon!!

    Have a fun time with "Sir Cuteness"!!

  4. car problems are the worse!! hope it all works out ok!

    your such a sweet person and friend! the world needs more people like you, that think of others before themselves!
    sometimes the random post are the best!

  5. Dawn,

    You have to be one of the most thoughtful people that I know! I wonder do you have any idea just how much God is using you to bless others!

    I thank the Lord that He allowed us to "cross paths". I am so blessed to have you as my friend.

    Love you, dear one,