Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who do you like and other randomness . . .

Wow Random Thursday, really? Generally I reserve randomness for Friday's but today I have a few things running around in my head. So random Thursday it is =0)

First of all, do ya'll watch American Idol? We have watched since the second season. We've seen the good years and the not-so-good years. My two favorite winner's are Carrie Underwood and David Cook.

So this year I just wasn't to sure with some of the judges choices, Tatiana, ummmm what? and Nick/Norman, huh? anyway . . . There is one contestant that is already a front runner for me and that is Danny Gokey. His story so speaks to my heart. He lost his wife just four weeks before his AI audition. And last night he made it to the top 12 and as he was singing the people who were there supporting him had a picture of him and his wife that they showed. It was powerful. Anyone who has lost their husband or wife just strikes a chord with me. I remember those hard days and all the pain that it brings. If you are new to this blog or haven't read this part of my story, you can go here to read about it.

I really look forward to see how far he will go in this competition. Just the fact that he is able to sing a song like "Hero" so close after the death of his wife and not break into a hundred little pieces right there on stage makes me want to see more of this guy and here more of his amazing story of faith.


I prayer practically everyday that I will be used of God in some way. Well, yesterday I prayed that prayer that God would use me to be a blessing to someone or that I would be able to share with someone His love. It is so interesting how God works this out. Almost every time I pray this prayer, sometime through my day I get the opportunity to share His love with another in some way. And God always speaks to my heart and tells me that that moment is an answer to prayer. Well that happened yesterday in a very unexpected way.

When Dak got out of the car yesterday at school he was short with me. I know. What in the world? =) Well I fretted over that all day. I did because I am a complete goober. Really I am. I know better than that, but it didn't stop me. Oh brother. Well when he got out of school the thing we "discussed" before school we "discussed" again and I told him wasn't going to happen. We had a little more of a "discussion" and a few uncomfortable moments and then it was over, pretty much. But for the most part I had braced myself for the silent treatment, which never came. PTL!!!!!

I had gone in my room to study for my lesson, (I'm teaching at CYC on Friday) and Dak came in and we started discussing something going on at school (totally unrelated to earlier incident). And as I listened and we talked about this issue and looking Scripture up, God started speaking to my heart that this was in answer to my prayer I had prayed that morning. WOW!!! Now I wasn't expecting the answer to be with my son, I see him everyday. But ya know he taught me something through that. The people we are with everyday still need to see Christ is us. My son needed a word from The Word last night. I am so glad that he came and sat on our bed and looked to me to help him. It was a great talk. And it really helped me in the lesson for tomorrow as well. God is Good!!!!!


Well okay, so now I'm just stalling. I'm trying to get the video downloaded of Dak and Alyssa, but blogger is being a booger. So I'll be back . . . .

Ok so I'm back (many hours later). I hope it works.

Sorry the sound is not great, it's hard to get great sound in a school =)


  1. You just never know where God is going to show up. :-)

  2. Logve AI and am a fan of Danny as well as Alexis. She was awesome! I enjoyed watching the video from Showboat. Looks like the night was alot of fun and Dak did a great job!
    Blessings - Lisa

  3. I love Danny, too, and I teared up when they showed the picture of him and his wife. I pray God blesses him through the show!
    You blessed me through this post, random or not!

  4. Oh my goodness friend... I just read your past story about your husband..... I had no idea... that just shows me once again how strong a woman of faith you are & how God has caused you to grow & strengthed your relationship with each over through the years... & that God would lead another man to you that has blessed you so... what an amazing God - even in the face of tragedy!

    Hugs to you... you bless me every day!

    love you!

  5. I agree with you about Danny. I'm not sure I like the way that they are choosing the final 12, though. It seems like some really good talent could get passed over. I wish the judges would just pick the 12 contestants and then let the public start voting after that. I do have to say that I was relieved to see Tatiana gone!

    So glad that you had an opportunity to share with Dak. Keep those communication lines open --so important!

    Thanks for sharing the video, too! Looks like it was a fun night and Dak and Alyssa did a great job!

  6. I had no idea that your lost your first husband at such a young age. I agree with Rebecca that it shows even more what a women of faith you are. Thank you for sharing that story.
    And I think it is SO AWESOME that you and Dak can sit and have Godly conversations. So many teen boys have little conversation with their mother, not much less deep convos. What a blessing!

  7. I didn't know that about your first husband, either. What a testimony!

    I haven't caught up with my recorded American Idol episodes, yet, but the preacher told me today that he likes the guy you talked about, too!

    That Dak is quite an actor... I think he may be headed to Hollywood himself!

  8. Love the video...they are so cute!