Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jump - N - Jiving!!!!!

No silly -- not me -- I wasn't jumpin' or jivin', but oh the kids were!!!!! HaHa I had you scared for a minute didn't I? You thought I was getting my groove on . . . anyway. . . =)

Last night was "The Showboat Clever Belle" and for those of you who are unfamiliar, let me give you a little background.

We live about 45 mins from Branson, MO and in B-MO there is a working Showboat on Table Rock Lake called "The Showboat Branson Belle". It is a dinner cruise. You go cruising on the lake, all the while eating and watching a show. Just me, it is a good time!!

So at the beginning of this school year our new music teacher asked the kids to be thinking of something they could do for a fundraiser for the choral dept. Well while they were brainstorming, Dak came up with the idea of doing something like the showboat they have in Branson, but calling it "The Showboat Clever Belle" and so it was born. The kids all came up with the idea of having a dessert buffet and having servers (the middle school choir) and the whole thing, all the while entertaining us with their singing and dancing. I have so been looking forward to this night and it did not disappoint!!!

So here he is the emcee for the evening, Dak.
How cute is this kid?!! Just sayin' . . . =)

Here is Alyssa. I just loved this pic with her dress all twirly.
You are a doll sweet Alyssa. (excuse that woman's blonde head in the pic -- it's my mad photography skills and all =) anyway. . .

Here is Dancing Dak -- now he's getting his groove on =-)

Can I just say that Dak has the sweetest girlfriend. She sat with me the whole night and I got to know here a lot better. She is as sweet as she looks.
Oh yeah and speaking of looks, this is the first official picture of the happy sweethearts!!!!!

How cute are these two? I mean seriously. . .

And then to cap the night off, after Dak got home I made asked Dak to take a pic with his mom. And he obliged =)

This night was so fun and I am so proud of the kids. They worked so hard on this. And it is just so heartwarming to see. Another very heartwarming thing to see is how the kids rally around one of their own. We have a girl, who is a senior this year, that is blind. And to watch the kids help her up and down the stairs and help her get into place is just GREAT!!!!!

So that was are very fun and busy night. Hubs didn't get to go because he was camped out on the couch with his sinus medicine and tissues. Sorry babe.

Hope ya'll had a fun evening as well.

Oh yeah I also have a video to post of Dak and Alyssa's duet. What a hoot!! I'll try to get it posted later today or tomorrow.


  1. You always make me smile on how proud of a mamma you are!!! And Dak never stops impressing me in the amazing young man he is... cant wait to see what God does in his life!

    And how cute a couple!! His girlfriend looks so tiny!

    Cant wait to see this duet!

    (& I'm totally going to have to send you some Cadbury eggs for you to try!!!!)

  2. A fellow MO blogger!!! And from the looks of it you are not to far from me!!!

    Can't wait to read more.

  3. What a blast, Dawn!!

    Yet another cute blog design and header! (Just curious, do you still have a Pyzam background on your widgets?)

  4. I love the pic of you and look so pretty in your pink! and I love your new header, too!
    Praying for you!

  5. I've been on the Showboat Branson Belle twice, so I can completely relate to what you're talking about. I bet the kid's show last night was a blast - can't wait to see the video!

    Thanks for the tip about Penney's - I will check there for a cute boy Easter outfit. I thought about stopping today but was too exhausted. Seems I can only do a couple of stops at a time these days! :)

  6. i love all of your post! they're ALWAYS such a joy to read!!!

    i bet you could jive right along with them!!
    you must be SO proud of Dak! he sounds like such a good kid! and his girlfriend, she's a cutie! go dak!!!
    sounds like it was a good time!!!

  7. How fun!! Can't wait to see/hear the duet. I know you are so proud =)

  8. So much to say....
    I love the new blog look! Cute!
    Dak is just adorable. I loved his idea. He is creative. Bryan and I have been on the Branson Belle. It was fun but I bet your night was better!

    I have gone through Whispers of Hope and it did not disappoint me.

    Thank you for the sweet card!!

  9. I'm so sad I missed it! Next year, i'm putting everything down on my calendar before I schedule shoots to make sure I get to these things!

    I didn't realize and Dak and Carly were an item--what a great couple!!! He is the sweetest thing and she is just precious--what a great pair!

    Have a great day! :-)