Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On the Healthy Side . . .

So just call me a slacker. Yes I made a New Year's resolution to read the books in my library that I haven't already read. And for the most have done very good. And am currently laughing at myself because it is the first week in February and already I'm feeling the pinch of the resolve. It's Feb for crying out loud not October. I need to get with it =)

Anyway. . .

I am reading. I did, however, take a week off, because I am a slacker sometimes (see note above).

And yes I know it is Tuesday and I'm suppose to do my Reviews on Monday's, hence the title, Monday Morning Book Review, and it is Tuesday. But I'm nothing if not flexible. So what in the blue blazes (isn't that a funny saying . . I love funny sayings . . . anyway. . .) does any of this have to do with my title.

So glad you asked?!! =)

The title of my latest book review is "Health 4 Life" by Jody Wilkinson, M.D.

I bought this book sometime last year at the book store that in our church. I love this book store, because these are books that a lot of our church leaders read.

This book is really GREAT to get you motivated and to give you OVERALL health tips, facts and suggestions. It not only addresses the eating and exercise matters of getting healthy, but also the mental, emotional, and Spiritual aspects of getting healthy as well.. That is why I love this book so much. It just makes sense to me.

A lot of it, of course, is common sense type of things like eat less, move more, that we all know are factors to losing weight and getting healthy. But it also talks about emotions and how to put that energy into other things and how when your feeling emotional instead of eating for comfort go to the Word -- LOVE THAT!!!!!

I always give you a quote so you can see just exactly what the book I just read is all about. Well the quote for this one is sooooooo great, and gives you a little insight into why I loved it so much.

"God values you! Don't let the unrealistic expectations of others influence how you think about yourself. Let God, who knows and loves you, and your own heartfelt sense of who you are determine your value and what weight is right for you."

See now that is book you can sink your teeth into. That message will preach let me tell ya!!!!!

So if you are looking for a REALLY good book on health try this one on for size. I bet you will find it fits just right.


I have PT this morning and am really looking forward to getting in there and seeing what we can do to get me back off of my crutch and back on the walking trail again. Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and prayers that ya'll are sending out on behalf of me and this knee of mine. My family and I appreciate it more than you know.

And speaking of fam, Dak is so busy right now. He only had school one day last week and is in the middle of musical practice and play practice and all the activities that surround it. Have I told you lately how much I love this child? He just makes my heart smile. Last night we ran lines for quite a while and then next thing I know he's asking for note cards. He put his entire monologue for his emcee act for the musical on note cards without being told. He worked on it so hard. And then another thing I just dig about this child, is I made a suggestion, one that was simple but would help him in knowing where he was at, and he grabbed a pencil and did it right then and there. Seems like a small thing, but no small thing when you are a teenager!!!

So we have a very busy spring coming up. His musical "The Show Boat Clever Belle" is February 17th and his play "Murder in the Wings" has been moved back to the first part of April. He also has Homecoming next Friday, so he is one busy kid.

But oh how I love it!!!!! I'm so glad he gets involved and doesn't sit on the sidelines. Because isn't high school all about learning through activities. Okay maybe not ALL about that, but the activities sure do help =)

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Tuesday,


  1. Love that quote from the book... that we would see ourselves as God does!

    And good for Dak.... he'll have so many wonderful memories of these years & all the things he's doing!

    Good luck at PT.... still praying for that knee!

  2. Dawn, can I just say that you inspire me? I love your blog, and your spirit is such a motivating force. You rock!

  3. Sounds like a good read.

    That Dak is one busy boy! I bet he's a great actor... he's such a ham anyway! And so entertaining.

    Can't wait to hear about your PT report tomorrow.