Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Problem and The Verdict and The Soulution

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that the last couple of days have brought BIG knee problems for me. I haven't aluded to much just because we really didn't know anything.

So I'm going to back up and tell ya'll the problem. A week ago this past Monday I was going about my life here in my Cottage Corner of the world. Ya know a little light housework and a little PTing on the knee and decided it was time to ride the bike again. Well I did maybe 2 minutes, maybe. Got off, all was fine. Then about 2 hours later my knee started to swell and hurt and BAD!!!!! I called Dick and he came rushing home. Well over the next couple of days the knee calmed back down and things were pretty much back to normal.

Well then on Sunday I got up and around and was REALLY stiff, which isn't so unusual for knees like mine. But as I moved around the worse it got until I couldn't even move the silly thing. I took to both crutches like a duck to water (heehee I love sayings like that . . . anyway, I digress . . .) So Dak helped me try to get it worked out and nothing doing. Dick got home later that night and took to packing it in ice. It was so HUGE. It actually looked like I had a canteloupe hiding under my skin instead of my knee. And the swelling went all the way around my knee. This we knew was a problem. I was just about to go to the ER. Thankfully the ice and the muscle relaxers and ibuprofen helped enough to at least keep me at home.

Well since then it has S-L-O-W-L-Y gotten better. Back down to one crutch,
that's good. Yesterday was PT. Amber took one look at this knee of mine and went to trying to figure out what in the wide world is going on with it. The tendon's are definitely having issues and so is the poor knee itself. So instead of actually doing our exercises, she did ice massage.

Have ya'll ever had that done? She took a styrofoam cup that had water in it and put it in the freezer and then when it freezers you peel away the top portion of the cup, so you can hold on to the bottom portion, grab a towel for all the melting ice, and start rubbing on the parts affected. What? Yep, girl knows how to have a good time. When she was done, I couldn't feel it at all. Just some pressure. So she pushed around on it and said that the whole tendon is swollen, but there seems to be a spot on it that is thicker than the rest. That spot is REALLY sore. Not sure what's going on there.

So the verdict was to call The Mayo clinic and get ahold of my doc's office and let them know what's going on. Amber thought one of two things was going on:

1). I could have an infection. Now I had heard that this could happen. And I now have to take antibiotics even to have my teeth cleaned apparently, because of the risk of infection, but I just hadn't really thought about it that much. Amber told me yesterday that the infection doesn't have to originate in the knee, actually usually it starts in some other part of the body and goes right for the knee. What? So I could have an infection of ANY kind and it infect my knee. That's not good. And infections like this can be really bad. But the good news was that I didn't have any other symptoms other than the knee problems. I'm not running a fever or anything like that, and if I had an infection in it I would have. So I wasn't to worried about that, but still freaked me out a little.

2). Or she said I could be having an acute flare up in the tendons, but she doesn't know why, and that is very puzzling to her. We have been moving on up in PT, advancing as the knee will allow, but trust me, I am not doing ANYTHING that would constitute this kind of flare up . . . so one would think. I don't even break a sweat!!!!!

So we both called Mayo and left a message and the doc on call called me this morning. Now let me just say, that it is so nice to actually talk to a doctor. I love nurses and all, my sweet baby sis is a nurse and it is very nice to talk to them to, but generally they have to relay a message to the doc and then he/she relays a message back and it is just not the same. But with The Mayo Clinic, they have the doc on call, that day doing the call backs. So cool.

So Dr. Sherman called me back this morning and went over my symptoms. She does not at all think I have an infection in the knee. GOOD, GOOD NEWS!!!!! She did tell me what to look for infection wise, but said that I would know, because I'd feel really lousy.

But there is definitely something going on and she is inclined to think that I am over doing it. Now in my way of thinking I just don't even know how this could be. But she explained it like this. She said that they actually do see this in patients as they get to feeling better, because they don't have all the severe pain they did after surgery and they start getting around better, so naturally they just start doing more. The problem with that is the knee is just not there yet.

So the solution or at least recommendation is that I ice every time I've been on my leg for 20 to 30 minutes, what?? And go back to wearing my Ted Hose, lovely. Yep bringing the sexy back!! Just saying . . . =) Elevate every night, knee above the heart while I hang out on the couch, I can handle that. And back off on PT for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks, What? But doc I'm ready to get going? Okay so I didn't say that to the doc, I'm just saying that to ya'll, my trusted friends. It is a little bit bum worthy -- just a little. And then after all of these things if in a week I am still having major flare ups or if it is not any better at all, I call back up and they will get me in earlier. hmpfff.

So there you have it, the latest on this knee journey. Please do not think for one minute that I'm letting this get me down or impede progress. I AM NOT!!!!! I was a little bummed out last night and asked hubs if he thought it was okay. And he said okay or not we just get that way sometimes. Well I certainly agree with that and in prayer time this morning talked to Abba about it, because I want to be in direct center of His will. I don't want a little bummed out moment to come between us. I want it all out there, so He can show me if I'm having a problem, before it becomes a real issue. Do you feel me on this?

So my memory verses for these first two weeks of February are so fitting for me right now.

Matthew 21:21-22 "Jesus replied, 'I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go throw yourself into the sea", and it will be done. 22 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.'"

And in my "Whispers of Hope" morning prayer time devotional, Beth talked about faith right out of Hebrews 11. Love that. Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God!!! Wow I so want to be a woman of faith and pleasing to my Father. So I am holding on to the truth in God's Word and weilding the sword of the Spirit and putting up my shield of faith.

Thank you all for your prayers. I'll keep you posted on how things are going.

Have a Blessed and beautiful Wednesday,


  1. I had NO DOUBT that this was NOT going to get you down!!! You are a beam of light no matter what!

    Hate you are suffering a set back & I've been praying for you...all God's timing though! Remember that!

    And LOVE the idea about the cup & ice pack... gotta remember that myself!

    Keep hanging onto the Father!

  2. I know the thought that you're doing too much seems hard to believe, but just hang in there, doing what the Doc recommends and keep praying.

    I don't have any wise words for you... it sounds like you and Jesus got it all worked out!!

    Get well (and take your time doing it), friend.

  3. That IS quite impressive that a Dr. calls you back!!! I am sorry about the knee, but it does sound like you and Jesus have it taken care of! (to quote Jacquie!) I am still praying! Try to take it easy!

  4. I am so glad that you got to speak directly to the doctor at Mayo and that they don't feel like it could be an infection. Good news!

    Take it easy and don't overdo it! I think I could handle that laying on the couch with my leg elevated. Enjoy that while you can, girl!

    Love you, sweet friend, and know that you remain in my prayers,

  5. Praying for you healing. Isn't it amazing how God speaks to us in a timely way...this time using a devotional book. Great is impossible to please Him without faith...a great thought as I start my day!

  6. I am sorry you have been suffering so much with your knee and with this set back. You are obviously taking your ups and downs to the Lord and I thank you for sharing that with us. I will pray as you are back on the mend.
    Thanks for your prayers I am having a better day.

  7. thank you for your comment/prayers regarding my husband's deployment!! I hope you get some answers to the problem with your knee!

  8. Sweet Dawn, I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this pain and frustration with your knee. I am praying for you and hope things get much better soon!!