Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday's Random Writings

Okay so again my awesome photography skills are showing, mad skills huh? These are not great pictures, but they will maybe show his glasses off.

Do you think my child needs a haircut?!!!! Ummm......yes, yes he does and we will be taking care of that today. So this first one just illustrates the need for a haircut.
Seriously son!!!

So here he is with his glasses. Again me and my mad photo skills, but maybe you can kind of tell. They are so cute. After we get his hair cut I will take another pic.

But anyway, how cute is this sweet thang?

We have decided to rent a car to go to Mayo in this time. With all of our car troubles, it would just not do to get 600 miles from home and break down. No that would not do at all!! So one of my dearest friends offered to pay for a rent-a-car for us. Thank you so much (you know who you are). We love ya like crazy!!!

So speaking of Mayo trips and help I just want to take a minute and tell ya some cool things that have happened as a result of God working on behalf of His children. These trips are expensive. And they have required time away from work for my hubs and hotel rooms, food, not to mention the cost of the procedure (that insurance picked up most of) but we still have bills we're paying off in regards to this surgery. But EVERY time we have gone up, someone has stepped forward and given us money or given of their time to help ease my mind about leaving Dak home etc. It has been overwhelming.

We have just been believing God for these trips. This time Dick will be off of work for 3 days and only has 3 hours of vacation left, but God is faithful. Our taxes should be back by the end of the month and that will help so much. God is AWESOME!!!!!

Two days ago my door bell rang and it was one half of a GREAT couple. They are friends of ours and she came in toting $100.00 bill for us. She said that it was from the Lord. This same sweet couple (who wants to remain anonymous) has given us money each time we have gone up, and each time they have said it is from the Lord. They feel they are blessed to be a blessing. I love you two (you also know who you are).

So this weekend I'll be getting us packed and ready to go and Sunday evening we'll be picking up our car. We are also going to be hanging out with lil Scoot. YAY!!!!! And then Monday morning we'll be leaving bright and early. Please pray for a safe trip and a good result from x-rays and doc's visit and also that she will be able to help with this tendon pain.

This morning God led me to my next 2 sets of verses. Yes, there will be two over the next two weeks for me, I have a feeling. There are 2 sets that God is really speaking to me through and I'll try to get those posted on Sunday. I love it that God is so speaking to me through His Word. During this particular season I have so needed to feast on the Word. I certainly do not need a starving soul. Anyone with me on that?

Hope you have a Blessed weekend,


  1. How handsome does Dak look in his glasses.... so studious! I have always liked glasses!

    Will for sure be praying for a safe trip & glad to hear you're renting a car. With the way your other one has been acting up - I'd be nervous for you if you took it.

    And God bless the people who offered to take care of that expense as well as all the others who are just bestowing God's goodness on you. Its always so good to hear of others being faithful in obeying God's command to help out your fellow brother or sister!

    I only wish I had you knitting for your trip!! UGH!

    HUGS to you friend!
    Praying for good news from this trip!

  2. I am SOOO with you on that! I will be praying for your trip...I loved reading how God has provided for all your needs. He is SO GOOD to do that- for all His children. But seeing His faithfulness to others is such a good reminder for the rest of us.
    Love you friend...have a great weekend!

  3. Thank you for sharing your stories of God's provision. It was just the thing I needed to hear today. To be reminded of His faithfulness. Blessings on your trip and thank you for opening up your life for others to get a glimpse of the works of the Lord. God bless.

  4. those glasses are too cute!! go dak!!!
    and as for the hair goes....i so hair so i completely understand the long hairstyle!! it's totally in right now!
    we'll being praying for you guys! hope the trip goes well and you have great news!
    God always works things out in his timing and it's to hear how he's blessing you guys!! i love to hear how he's working your life!

  5. What a handsome young man!

    I will be praying for you as you prepare for your trip to Mayo.


  6. Love the specs!! Dak's all about a fashion statement - just like my youngest (Tyler).

    How good are God's people? It's amazing how He uses His people to minister to others.

  7. Love Dak's glasses - I need to get myself a trendy pair one of these days!

    Thanks for blessing me with the stories of God's provision through His people. What a joy and encouragement to read!

    Praying for you as you prepare for the trip to Mayo -

  8. Check Dak out! Very cool look.

    I'm so thankful for the ways that God has used others to help meet your needs. It is such a blessing when others are faithful to give to help out.

    Praying the appointment goes well. Y'all be careful!

  9. Hi,
    Love those glasses Dak is stylish! God is so good and always comes through with whatever the need may be.

    I will be praying for you as you make this trip. Hope your appointment goes well.

  10. Well look at Dak stylin' in his new glasses! They do make him look quite studious!

    It is so encouraging to hear the stories of how God has placed people in your path that have stepped forward to take care of your needs. God is so good!

    I am so thankful that you will be renting a car to make the trip. You will be in my prayers. I pray that the x-rays and doctor visits go better than we could possibly ask or think!

    Can't wait to hear the verses that God has given you for this time!

    Love you, friend,