Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Won It...You Grab it... oh Yeah and our itinerary...

About a week or so ago I won a blog button designed by Faith on Denise's blog...YAY!! !Go check her out, what a cutie!!

So how excited am I?!!! I mean who seriously wouldn't want a blog button from the fab Faith?!! Well we e-mailed back and forth and Dak had the final say, and he picked the one I picked as well. It is so cute Faith. You rock sista'!!!

I had it hangin' out in my e-mail box for a few days until I could get my spring look going, which by the way will be changing somewhat again, this one just isn't my favorite. So when I have a little time, I'll be tweaking. But since I did get something up I wanted to go ahead and debut my new blog button.

So go ahead, grab you one, go on. How stylish will this baby look hangin' out on your blog?!! So cute!! And then while you're at it, just jump on over to Faith's and order one for your very own self, and let me know if you do, and I'll put yours on mine (make sense?!!) anyway... =)


On another note, I wanted to post our itinerary for our Mayo trip.

We leave out Monday morning -- (and eat at Mac's Monday evening -- hopefully =)
Tuesday Morning -- X-rays 9:45 -- Doc's appt -- 10:45
Back on the road, hopefully by 12:00 pm
Be home late Tuesday night or Wednesday

Quick trip this time and the weather looks like it is going to cooperate. That is a plus.

We are not expecting anything to come up on the x-rays other than plastic and metal. (How weird is it that they can put plastic and metal in your body now adays?) anyway...

I am still having some issues with tendon pain, but that's cool, hopefully there is not a Baker's siest (so not spelled right) on it. If so, not sure what they do about that. And my PT said they may do an injection in the tendon to help with the can you can OWWWW!!!!! I've actually had shots in the ole knees before and its not to bad. (Okay I'm just going to keep telling myself that, so run with it people =)

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for all of your prayers and comments. I so love the body of Christ!!!

Tomorrow is random Friday so hold on to your hats, or Sonic glasses, or....well you know, do I have some randomness for you.

Love ya,

PS I know I'm suppose to have a pic of Dak with his new specs, but he got in late last night, and somehow I think waking him up at 6:30 am on a Spring Break morning would just be well, merunningoutthedoorinmyjammiesawayfromhim, kind of bad =) So I might just jump on and post it a little later............ =O)


  1. oh i do LOVE your button! it's soooo cute!!!
    good luck with all of the test yall will be our prayers!!!
    i'm sorry about the pain you've been having!!! we'll be praying for some relief!!!
    can't wait to see a pic of his new specs!!!
    have an awesome day!!!

  2. Love the new button! That Faith is so talented! Sorry you have been in pain! I just hate hearing that!
    And, believe me, if anybody wakes me up early on my spring break - it will not be pretty :-)

  3. Faith did such a good job on your button! It's, well, cute as a button! Ha! (I really want to learn that creative bloggy stuff!)

    Thanks for the travel itinerary. I'll be praying for y'all and that knee of yours.

  4. Totally grabbing your button right now... how cute is that!

  5. I'm so sorry I have been away. Don't take it personal. I'm playing catch up on everyone's!! :-)

    I will be praying you have a wonderful trip to mayo. I want you to be free from pain!!!!!

    I loved your post on a routine. I think I tend to be that way and I am messed up when I get out of the routine too!! It takes me twice as long each day to get back in it!!

  6. What a pretty spring look! I'm so glad you (and Dak) like the new button. I had fun working on it with you =)

    Sorry that knee is still giving you trouble. Hope that the upcoming appointment goes well!

    Oh, and can't wait to see Dak in his new specs!

  7. Love the spring look and your button. Hope the trip to Mayo goes well and nothing suprising comes up.

  8. How cute is that button!! I've already snatched it up and posted it on my blog.

    I love the new Spring look and love you more!

    Praying for you,