Monday, March 9, 2009

I do love me a routine ...

I am a girl who likes her routine. I get up at 5:00 AM M-F and get hubs off to work and then I usually put my dishes away from my dishwasher and drink a little water and then I start my prayer time and Bible study. Now you might be wondering why I unload said dishwasher and drink water first, well I have found it helps me to get awake so I am not yawning and wanting to go back to bed while I'm having my devotional time. It works for me.

Well because of the events of last week, my routine has been off. And it always seems so hard for me to get back on routine after I've been off of it even for a few days. Well this morning I woke up and while still laying in bed, told hubs that I'd be going back to bed this morning and sleeping in . He thought that was a GREAT idea!!!

Dak's on spring break this week, so I don't need to get him up, so sleeping in seemed like the perfect way to spend a Monday morning, except for ...

I wouldn't be getting back on my routine and it is important to me to have my personal alone time with the Lord. As I got up and around to fix hubs lunch I knew that if I went back to bed the chances were slim that I would get my devotional time in, so I chose to stay up and get back on my routine. YAY!! I'm so glad I did. I feel a refreshing from the Lord that is so needed this morning.

Now just a note on routine. I believe that sometimes our routines can trap us. Sometimes routines can equal comfort and comfort can equal complacency, so I am careful about the kind of routines I get into. But I have found that a routine that involves time spent with the Savior is never wasted time.

While it is true I have been off my routine this last week, I have been able to draw from times that I've spent with the Lord in my routine. That has been very important and eye opening to me. So I just want to encourage you to spend some time with the Lord today. Get alone with Him and let yourself be quiet before Him. Start a routine in your life of doing this very thing, and God will bless you for it.

So this weekend we had lil Scoot. And of course, he did not disappoint. He is 7 months and getting more mobile every time we see him. He is just starting to crawl and it is the cutest thing. He is also getting into mischief at every turn. Also the cutest thing =)

I came into the living room on Saturday where he was suppose to be playing in his walker on the OTHER side of the room. Did I mention how mobile he's getting? He had made it to the OTHER side of the room from where he was suppose to be and was in the business of clearing off my bench that houses pictures of him and his momma and daddy and glass pretty with Easter grass in it (got to it just in time). So I decided rather than fight him, I'd join him. So I finished clearing it off and replaced pictures and pretties with toys and he LOVED it. That is where he spent a lot of his time playing. He loved banging his rattles on that bench. So funny.

Well I have pictures of another one of Sky's antics this weekend. He was playing in the floor with his favorite Uncle Dak on a blanket. All was fine, and then he found the tag, which he does often, but this time when he found the tag he started rolling. Dak hollered into me and said I needed to get a look at this. So in I came and grabbed the camera and this is what I found . . .

lil Scoot in a blanket...(pigs in a blanket...get it?)

And then lil Scoot existing blanket. This child cracks me up!!! He is so much fun!!

Oh yes and this is another child that cracks me up....
Dak had to do a duet play in Theater class this week about hair.
No I am not kidding and that is not a type-O...yes hair.
(Megan is so diggin' that Dak had to do a play on hair. How happy are you girl? anyway... =)

So he spent extra time taming the mane, and can I just say the child certainly has a mane!!!
He has the thickest hair. So here he is ready to walk out the door...
mane ready....

And then I made him turn and look straight on at the camera. He thinks this picture has no personality. Well I proceeded to tell him in no uncertain terms...... that I love him and would he PLEASE take a normal pic just for dear ole mom?!! (Yeah, I am one tough customer =)
So he did.
How cute is he? I mean seriously!!!

The weather here has been so warm, windy but warm, the last several nice. But today it is suppose to
Well we are preparing this week to go back to Mayo next week. We leave next Monday and my appts are on Tuesday. I'll post our itinerary later in the week.
Have a Blessed day,
PS I am tweaking my design for spring, so you will probably see several before I land on one. Let me know what you think along the way.


  1. Good for you for having that time with the Lord... I probably would have chosen sleep!! How disciplined you are!!!

    Always love pictures of Dak & Scoot!!! Both are just your entertainment for life - aren't they?

    Hope you get to enjoy your week with Dak being home for Spring Break!

  2. love the new back ground! very cute and springy!!
    i'm a routine girl too! i've learneda to vary a little with a baby but i do everything in routine!! it helps me with my time!!
    yay...spring break...i miss those days! it just reminds me i'm a grown!!!
    cute pics!! love the blanket!!

  3. Have you seen my post from Saturday? I have something there for you.

    Have a great day.

  4. I so enjoy having my devotional time with the Lord. It makes my day. During the summer, I have early morning time, but during the school year, it is more of a challenge for me to find quiet time when I get home. It is so worth it though and much needed.

    Love the new blog look! I'm in the process of doing the same thing. It's so much fun!

  5. When my kids were young... every time I'd get up to have a quiet time one of them would get up. Crazy! It was so hard to fit in my quiet time when I had young'ens.

    Now, I'm old(er) and I found that I get spiradic and need a routine. So, last December I made it a priority to develop a routine. I can happily say, it's March, and I'm still going strong in my routine. I've kept up with Steve's "Living By the Book" and reading through the Bible and I'm so blessed by it!

    I'll be praying for your upcoming Mayo visit. Love the pictures of Dak... and I love your new Spring design!!

  6. Love that little "pig in a blanket"! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

    I'm praying for you and waiting to hear the details about your Mayo schedule.

    Love you, sweet friend,