Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Much Stuff Week . . .

This week has been chocked full...full. Monday, I can't even remember anymore, Tuesday we found out the very sad news, and Sky's mama was sick and me and Sky have been hanging he is back home...sniff. Today is PT (which I have missed the last two...ahem) and my mom called and is running a fever, so after PT I'll be running I wish, driving her to the doc to see what in the world is up. My mom, with all of her health issues DOES NOT NEED A FEVER!!!!!

Now in the midst, I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry (well it would be a mountain if I had it all together, but no it is in bathrooms and baskets and floors etc.) ughhh!!! And my kitchen needs a cleaning and I, well I need Calgon (remember those commercials?)

I want to take this moment to thank all of you for praying this week. I feel frazzled and hazzled and graying by the minute, but in the midst of it all God has shown up in the most lovely of ways. For example, last night hubs and I were driving back from the dropping off Sky, and we hit MAJOR HUGE construction traffic. Major. huge. did I say HUGE?!! anyway. . .

Well, if there is one thing the hubs doesn't like its traffic and if there is 2 somethings the hubs doesn't like, it is traffic with construction thrown in....double ughhh. So lets just say he was defensive driving, well I'd had enough of the defensiveness in his driving and I have a mini-breakdown, tears and all. He is sitting there telling me its okay and to calm down and not to be so scared it was fine (which it was, but all you ladies out there know,,, oh you know =) anyway... so in the midst of my crying and sniffling I told him "I'm just tired," and then "I'm so sad and tired" really I just felt overwhelmed and the tears felt needed.

Well in true wonderful husband fashion, he taps me on the arm and as I look over at him he says "Boo"!!!!! I smiled and then we laughed and he laid his hand on mine. It was precious and I believe a God ordained moment in the middle of the craziness that has been this week. It was priceless. I. love. my. man!!

Well I'm off to try and tame the lockes and powder the face and then get out the door.

Have a GREAT day in the Lord,


  1. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I lift Dawn up to you. She has had a very tuff week. We know you are always with us and I ask that it be your will to show her a sign of your love today. To encourage her that you are right there with her and that you have everything under control.

    Give her the rest her body, spirit and minds needs. I pray for those who are mourning and/or ill in her life.

    In you there is always hope.


  2. I had to smile about your meltdown from last night because I had one myself right before bed. Then I laid down all night and this morning my head is stuffed up, eyes puffy - it's just not a pretty picture. There must be something about this week!

    I am praying for you and hoping today is a better day. God will get us through it!

  3. Take care of your stuff today... AND then make some time for yourself. Go find some of that Calgon!!!

  4. I'm sure you were tired & overwhelmed... you've had alot going on... & sometimes all you can do it just cry! You probably helped your husband survive the traffic too if he hates it so much... God was giving you both time to stop & breath & enjoy each other...

  5. I am lifting you up IN prayer sweet Dawn! I hope that today is a better day for you. Take a deep breath, lift your face toward heaven and just bask in God's glory.'

    In Him,

  6. Sometimes a good breakdown is what we need! I'm glad you could see it as a God-ordained moment and not discouraged by it!
    I hope you have a GREAT weekend

  7. Hi,
    Sometimes a good cry, calgon and a little talk with Jesus makes everything all right!! Just know that you're being thought of!

  8. I am praying for you, friend. Those "calgon" days can really get discouraging...but I know God is there to comfort you and help you. Hope this weekend is a good one!

  9. Dawn,

    So sorry that you have had such a hectic week, but I certainly understand about the "meltdown"! I think we all need one of those every once in a while. Wish I lived close to you so I could help you out.

    I thank the Lord for that special moment with your special man!

    Hope you have a great weekend and get some rest! Let that "Calgon take you away"!

    I love you, sweet friend,

  10. I have something for you on my Saturday blog.

    Have a great weekend.