Monday, March 23, 2009

OH NO NOW HE'S DONE IT!!!!!.....

Updated: Please pray for Stellan. You can go here to hear how he is doing, this incredible family needs all of our prayers. Thank you so much!!


Yes hubs has done it this time, he has awakened the organizational monster within. Now this is kind of funny, because hubs is ALWAYS organizing. It gives him great joy to organize his garage. (Yes it is his, and yes that is my stuff on the shelves, but again, yes it is his =) But me....not nearly as much as him. I am more the get it that way, keep it that way kind of gal. Sometimes that works out and others?.. well you know...anyway.....

He got the best gift an organizational whiz such as himself could ever get.....shelves.

A guy he works with has a son who works for AutoZone and every few months they completely get rid of their shelves and put up new. HUH? I know. Do those things have a shelve life (hahahaha) me thinks not. anyway.........

So hubs was the proud recipient of the (FREE) old shelving. You thought he'd got a new car. He has been thinking about exactly what he will do with said shelving, well he decided that as soon as he got the car running again, (which he did and it runs better than it has in years, and saved us a ton of money....thanks again honey) that he would put up shelves, so that is what he has been up to. Well, this weekend he got me in on the act.

Here is some of the fruit of our labors .....

This hangs just out side out garage door and is a joy to my life. I pop my head out and get an onion or a colander (yes Dak, a is a constant argument between us =), or an occasional Cherrio, yes it is a joy. I heart this shelf. Well it got an extreme makeover this weekend. Look at it's pretty self...

And yes side note, that is mainly pasta of some form on the bottom shelve. Are we Italian?.. anyway...

Now this beaut is my pantry that was left here by the previous owner, and I love it. In the past it has housed my Ball jars and junk various and sundry other things, but this weekend hubs turned it around so it is easier to get to and I went to work. Lots of canned goods and Kool-aide out here. Sky will like this shelf when he gets old enough for Kool-aide =) Well you can't see the Kool-aide, but it's in there!!!

And this shelf is so GREAT because I have many pretty things but don't use them because they are not accesible. Well, hubs went all out and now they are totally accesible. LOVE THIS!!

Okay so this is my freezer AFTER I cleaned it out this morning. pointless. completely. pointless. I could have been doing my nails.....

We have this beautiful side-by-side refridgerator with water in the door and everything that we bought over the summer when our dinosaur refridgerator went out. The problem with a side-by-side you ask?

Is this.....

No. room. bummer.

Oh well, now I have more yumminess to eat today. Lots of frozen veggies and fruit that must be eaten. darn. (teeheehee)

And speaking of eating fruits and veggies I thought I'd update you on how SparkPeople is going for me. So far, really great!!!!! It is very motivating for me. I love the accesibility of it and also the way it tracks. I have lost a couple of pounds since I started here and 8-10 lbs since Oct. I am very excited for warm weather to be here so I can be out doors doing some serious damage to these few extra pounds I'm carrying around =)

Have a Blessed day and have an extra helping of veggies today ~~ it's good for your heart,


  1. But I dont like vegetables... hehe!!

    I had to laugh at the "shelf life" comment! Glad you get to enjoy their need for new shelves - how bizarre!!!

    But look how nice & organized!!! Totally jealous! I'm trying to figure a day to do my own garage & put in some shelves just for that purpose of appliances!!! Now I'm inspired!

  2. CUTE background!!!!
    * * * * * * *
    Ok, Dick is officially TOO good to be true!

    I know what you mean about lack of room in a side-by-side. They're hard to keep organized for sure.

    ... and YAY on the weight loss and continued motivation.

    Come on Spring!!

  3. Your hubby and I have this in common....I could organize ALL DAY LONG!! LOVE the new shelves!!! now you can see all your things!

  4. I wish some of Dick's organizational skills would rub off on me! I feel the same way about my side-by-side refrigerator/freezer --absolutely NO ROOM!! When this one ever dies, I will never have another one!

  5. i need more organization!! i try but i end up cluttering up more things!!!
    our last house we had a side by side by now the freezer is on the bottom....i love, love it!!