Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Concert and other quick bytes =0)

Good Monday Morning to ya'll!!! Do you ever get the feeling I am a morning person?! Yep I dig me a beautiful sunny, God-filled morning ~~ just like this one!!!!!

I only have a minute this morning, because I'm off to a doc's appt and errands, but I wanted to give you a sampling of Dak's Chamber Choir. They are going to State Competition this morning!!!!! How exciting!!!!

So listen close, the dude you hear is Dak and Adam (but I only hear Dak, Adam sings really soft, but see you wouldn't know that the dude you are hearing is indeed Dak, because well you've never heard him before ~~ don't you like the way I always just clear things right up for you =)


Take a listen to this bit of loveliness...

Well hopefully I'll post a little more when I get back home, but for now I'm off to get ready for the doc.

Have a Blessed Monday,



  1. That was very nice! They sound wonderful.

    I pray that all goes well for you at the doctors dear sister.

    Happy Monday to you!

  2. I totally LOVE choirs!! And those voices - angelic!!!

    You can totally hear his voice! Especially when you zoom in, you can really see its him & his voice coming through the mic!

    How proud you must be!!! Your son is full of talents!

  3. Oh, that was great! Good job, Dak! How exciting for them.

    On your comment on my blog... I am NEEDING, CRAVING the organization and calm in my life right now... so this has been a priority of late. The mojo came from the Flylady, I think. She is a bit overwhelming, but I'm trying to do little things that would make a difference at a time - and so far, it's working. She sends daily emails (there are several of them), but I pick and choose the ones I want to spend more time absorbing.

    I may be a little TOO into "24", since I had a dream Friday night that Chinese terrorists took over our church and held us hostage and took one of my kids!! What??? Ha!

  4. What a beautiful voice!! I know you are so very proud of your young man. Way to go.

  5. They sound beautiful! I can see why you're so proud.
    I came over here from Mimi's blog.
    I love the gift you made and sent to her.
    How sweet!
    Blogging friends are the best!
    Blessings sent from Oklahoma.