Monday, May 4, 2009

Sit back and enjoy ~~ we sure did!!!

So it is spring again ~~ YAY for spring!!! Ours has been a little cold and a lot rainy the last week or two. But this week, although we still have rain in the forecast, it is suppose to be warm; 80 by the weekend ~~ bring it on, I'm ready!!

Well with the Spring brings the garden and I am so excited.

This post is full of pics for your viewing pleasure so just sit back and kick up those feet...

I have lettuce, green onions and radishes coming up in my garden right now.
Check these out.....

Do they look good enough to eat or what?!!

Oh and can I just say they are ~~ they so are!! YUMMEE!!!

So along with yummee garden food, we also had cute Scoot come visit ~~ Yay ~~ and what in the world is cuter than a sleeping baby, I ask you?!! What?

Can you believe how big my lil Scoot is getting? He is 9 months old!!! Get-out-of-town!! I know!!! crazy.

Here he is telling me...well I'm not sure what he's telling me but it was something important to a 9 month old I assure you. How stinkin' cute is he?!!

Okay moving on.....

Oh yes this would be the cutest 9 month old g-babe crawling under his walker. What is he doing you might ask?!!

Well he's getting his yellow ribbon of course. silly.

WOO-HOO Sky bug what ya doin'?

Crawl away from the walker....
No problem!!!

I just can't believe how much he is doing now. I spent the weekend chasing him around on the floor saying, "I'm gonna get you" and him squealing with delight!! Yep the knee is doing better. Now I wasn't crawling on the floor it was more of a scoot, but at 9 months old he can't get away from me just yet =)
Dak is preparing for finals that will be in the next week or two. He had final exams last week which replaced the MAPP testing he has had to do in the past. Well silly me thought that was finals, nope that was final exams, worth 10% of his grade ~~ wow ~~ and then he has finals coming up in a couple weeks and we only have 3 weeks of school left for this year and then my baby will be a Junior. How has this happened?
He got his hair cut on Friday and it is so cute. There will be pics a comin'!! He does such fun things with his hair. You'd just love to get your hands on this kids hair Abbi=)
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Monday,
PS I will be updating my recipe blog this week. I have so many fun recipes to add. So keep checking back!!!


  1. There is nothing as peaceful as a sleeping baby... love his little arm propped under his head stretched out...

    And that face where it looks like he's trying to tell you something! Too much cuteness!!!

    I cant believe we're ending another school year. I know they didnt go that fast when I was in high school!!!

    And yummy-ness for your garden!!! Nothing better then home grown goodies!

  2. You apparently have a great garden because those veggies look so yummy.

    Your grand baby is such a dolly baby. Cute pictures of him.

    I'll be checking in for those new recipes.

    Blessings to you,

  3. I had some fresh green beans and corn on the cob last week. I cannot wait for more fresh veggies from the garden (not mine, but someone elses).
    Blessings - Lisa

  4. There's nothing like the taste of "fresh from the garden" vegetables. I'm really looking forward to our garden this year. Your little guy is just precious and looks like a bundle of joy and energy!! Have a great day.

  5. Yay for garden veggies, and grandbabies, and new hair cuts!!

    Good luck on your finals, Dak.

  6. Hi again,
    Betsy and I do teach at the same school, same grade!! Wild isn't it! Besty got me interested in blogging. She is such a sweetheart. I feel so very blessed to work with her.