Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~~ LOTS 'O' FUN ~~

So we have had a fun week so far. Except that I just have not been feeling up to par this last week or so. The ol allergies are kicked in, and now I have a neck issue. I don't know. Crazy.


In spite of that, we have had a lot of fun, as evidenced by these pics...

Here are the kids: Dak, Alyssa and Brandon having fun and hanging out on the trampoline.

Why yes that is Alyssa's foot in the air and Dak tackling her.

Oh so this is why we have a trampoline.....
I get it now.....
Look at those faces.....priceless!!

Yesterday afternoon was one of my dearest friend's retirement party. Georgia has taught in the school systems of MO for like 32 years and at the same school for 28 years, and she has decided to retire this year. So the school district had this really fun party for her and the secretary at her school who is also retiring after 29 years. What dedication!!

So here are a few pics of Dak and I preparing to go. I let him take out of school early yesterday and this is us in the back yard before we left. (I will have a few pics from the retirement party when I kidnap Georgia's camera.....more to come on that =)

I promised pics of Dak's cute hair....

so here you go....

How cute is he? I mean really...

I love this kid so!!!

And here I am....
And if you like my hair, you can thank Dak....he helped.
I am TERRIBLE at straightening my hair. I always burn it.
So I just don't do it. But Dak came to the rescue and helped.
I loved it, but yes it definitely needs to be trimmed.
That may be Friday's assignment for me....go get a hair cut!!

Here you can see the beginnings of our garden for the year. I am soooooooo excited!!!!!
We have already had lettuce, radishes and green onions from our garden, and now have some herbs planted and our tomatoes planted. Hopefully, I'll get our peppers planted in the next couple of days if it will dry out around here.

So that's been our week so far. And tonight I'm suppose to go see one of my Bff's (Carrie's) new house. That will be so fun.
I am just loving having my computer back. Hubbs has gotten my Bible software re-installed, and I'm absolutely loving that!!!!! I use "Bible Explorer" with the talking Strong's. It is great!! If you are ever in the market for a good, inexpensive Bible software, I highly recommend this one. I got it on special at my local Christian outlet store for $9.99, but I know that you can also get a version of it online. I'm not sure what all the downloadable version has on it compared to the disc, or how much it costs to download it, but it maybe worth checking out if you can't find it in your local Christian Bookstore.
Also, I've posted a couple new recipes on my recipe blog right .................. here =) Smothered Steak and my hubb's fav brownies........yummee!!!
Have a Blessed and beautiful Wednesday,


  1. What could be more fun than jumping on a trampoline :) I spent many hours of my childhood jumping on one.

    Dak's hair looks great too by the way! Glad that your garden is off to a great start and I'm sure you will be looking forward to some yummy veggies soon! I checked out the recipe blog, and I think the smothered steak has my name all over it- YUM!

    I am having a great week and hope you are too :)

  2. OK... I have to say, this picture of Dak made me say "WOW - he looks like his mama!!!" I never noticed it before!!! Love his new hair!!! Perfect for the summer! And look how good he did on your hair - you look great!!!!

    Yep - Trampolines have no age limit on them!!!

  3. I agree with Rebecca Jo - Dak does look so much like you! Love both of your new "dos"!

    Interesting you should talk about hair --- I have been "growing mine out" over the last few months and it is about to drive me crazy!! Usually, I make it about this far and then I finally tell my hairdresser "I can't take it!" --cut it off short again! I have a hair appointment tomorrow night so I guess we'll see whether I try to tough it out 5 more weeks or go back to my "old standby"?!?!?!

  4. You are beautiful! Your family is so sweet. I love your new header and I enjoyed the photos. Take care of YOU dear sister. You're in my prayers.

  5. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog today and from finding me on Lisa's blog!

    I loved trampolines when I was a kid growing up. I mean who can jump on them without laughing.

    You got a laugh machine in your backyard, ready when you need a chuckle or a belly laugh.

    I just wanted to say, I have spent some time exploring your blogs and I have found something here I love, so I have decided to offically follow you!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Dak's hair is so cute... definitely showing his unique style.

    I think you could SO do a jaw length inverted bob! (You did say TRIM, though, didn't you?? ha!)

  7. Always fun stopping by here Dawn! And yes, your precious boy is adorable! You are too! :)