Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Asked and Baby I deliver.........hopefully!!!

Last week I changed my header to some of our wedding pics and then earlier this week I posted some more of our pics and a little of our story and had a request for more. Ahh shucks...thanks.

So I had hubs teach me to scan, now ya'll are in trouble...anyway.... and I scanned some pics for you that I didn't already have on a disc. It was fun.

So this morning I'd like to share some more wedding pics with you, well actually these are reception pics. You see, as I've already shared, we eloped, no cake, no nuts, no mints, no need (remember?). We were Married on September 30, 1998 and in November ('98) my cousin threw us a wedding reception. It was so nice of her, completely unnecessary but totally appreciated!!!

It was just mainly family and it was a VERY fun night for us.

Most of these pics were taken from my wedding album, so I have a couple frames still attached, I just scanned them frames and all.

So here we are the happy couple....yep always & forever we are.

Oh my stars ~~ yep this is Dak when Dick and I married. He'd just turned six, and was in kindergarten. How stinkin cute is he?!!?!

Me and my mama!!! Is she not beautiful or what?!!!! Love you mom!!!!!

Me and my man ~~ I love this shot.

Me and my man again ~~ I love this shot too ~~ I love this man so!!!!!

Okay so these next two might just need a little explaining. First of all we had an early fall wedding and my dress was fitted for that season. This however, was November and it was REALLY cold and rainy on this particular evening, so I had an ivory cape I wore over my dress for this occasion and I loved it so much. It was so pretty!!!
This is the posed pic. The photographer (my other cousin) had us pose and well as you can see it makes me uncomfortable.

Well, in this one, I know it looks like the posed one. Nope. This one is just little ole me and the way I roll. If my big sis is reading this she is laughing out loud right now, because this pic is so me. I'm always turning my head weird or leaning back or something in a pic. I don't know why. Just my quirky funny personality I guess =) Look how skinny I was..........tear.
Moving on..... =)

Our reception table. Look at that cute, sweet cake ~~ it was yummee!!! And the grooms cake is the chocolate loveliness you see on the corner of the table. My Aunt made Dick a homemade German Chocolate Cake ~~ He was so happy!!!!!!!!!!

And here we are leaving. Now we should be outside, but did I mention in was REALLY cold and raining?!! So they blew bubbles inside ~~ it was so much fun!!!

And here we are with Heather's son Devin (Heather, my cous who threw the reception for us.) He LOVED the bubbles and wanted to walk with us ~~ how cute is that?!!!!
He's almost 13 now ~~ how cute was he?!!!!!!! Oh yeah he's still REALLY cute!!!!!!!

And then these last two were taken about 2 1/2 years ago. My hubs really LOVED my wedding dress and I'd never had any formal pics taken, so for Christmas I surprised him with these. So I thought I'd share these two with you.

I LOVED my dress, especially the back of it. It has a sheer scarf that attaches at the shoulders and hangs to the floor. Beautiful!!!!!

Did I mention I bought this dress at Dillard's for $55.00. Yep, I was THRILLED!!!!!
I cannot tell you what a thrill and a delight it is to be married to my sweetheart. Dick is the kindest most generous person I know. He helps me beyond belief. It is not easy living with someone with chronic health problems and he married into it. He knew it when he married me. He is an amazing man of strength. I love you honey.
So there you have it. Some fun wedding pics and a little more of our story. I wanted to get this
on while I still have this header up, because yep, it will be changing soon =)
Let me also just thank you all for your kind words of encouragement yesterday. I went walking last night, although I really didn't want to, but it feels better this morning, and Dak and I will be going for a walk when he gets out of school. Because even though it hurts I MUST press forward I MUST. As I was walking yesterday afternoon, God reminded me of my memory verse for these two weeks.
"I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
I really felt He was emphasising that it is His plan and not my own. I need to trust Him more with every step, painful or not. He is in control. I gained some peace and insight over this situation last night. Thank you so much for praying for us.
Have a Blessed and Peaceful Thursday,


  1. Dawn - I just enjoyed that little trip down memory lane so much! It was great to see those wedding pictures. Quite a looker !

    You always brighten my day.


  2. So sorry about your wings (wing). I live with chronic illness - it takes it's toll on our mates, I think. Thanks for reminding me that it's not all just about me.

    ME, darn it!

    I loved the wedding pictures, and that makes me want to scan all of mine. We were married outside, and didn't have a pro photographer either. Still got some fairly good shots though. Well, for 1989 we did. LOL.


  3. I love your your dress. My wedding anniversary is coming up. Maybe I'll copy you and post some wedding pics.

    And the verse you mentioned in your post Jeremiah 29:11, keeps popping up all over, what it God preparing me for?....Maybe nothing, maybe it's just a reminder.

    Have a great day.

  4. I love your dress, too! SO BEAUTIFUL!
    The last two pics are my glad you did that for your sweet hubby!
    OH- and 6-yr-old Dak is too cute for words!!! OH MY!

  5. Dawn,

    I love the pictures and jealous that you still look amazing in your dress! I bet your hubby is more than thrilled!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. So, so sweet! I love the pictures you had made for him recently...what a great idea!

  7. First of all...I am sooo sorry that you are still in so much pain. That has got to get old. I will be praying for you, Dawn!

    And, secondly, you look so beautiful in your wedding dress! I LOVED seeing all your wedding pictures. I didn't know you eloped! Wow!! It's so much fun hearing other people's stories. Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. How fun is that!!!! The pictures are great!!! You were a beautiful bride! LOVE the pictures you had done professionally though - you look gorgeous!!!

    And I cant believe how little Dak is!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing those special pictures!! Those last two of you are GORGEOUS!!

    Glad you're pressing on... you won't do too much, will you?

  10. All the photos and sharing is beautiful but the last two photos really are just precious!!!

    I pray blessings over your family sweet sister.