Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pressing on...

I always have ideas in my head about the way things should go. Let's take bike riding for instance. I told ya'll a few days ago that I'd started riding again. It felt so good. Well, I've continued my riding, but yesterday was sore, so we decided it was best to take it easy.

Well the knee really didn't feel better as the day went on, and was a little swollen. Well about 9:15 last night as I was walking into the living room (having been summoned by my 16 year old to watch the season finale of Law and Order...which is not a norm for me, but when summoned to sit and watch a show with my son......"I'll be right there!!!" Yep love that kid...anyway...) my tendon popped and nearly sent me down. OUCH ~~ SERIOUSLY OUCH!!!

Well, my sweet son came rushing over and helped me get to the couch and my sweet man came rushing in when he heard the commotion (because he's just cool like that =) to save the day. And there I was, in pain, but not mad. This was the result of bike riding, an activity I haven't really been able to do in years. So even though it hurt like mad, I wasn't; mad that is. And as I laid my head on my pillow last night I told hubs, all was well and it would be better in the morning. And is it? Ummm not so much, but it isn't worse, and I think maybe a touch better.

I know you're probably wondering if it hurts when I ride, and if so why I didn't just stop?!! Well, it hurts all the time...pretty much with every step, so I expect it to hurt, yes with every pedal. So if I stopped when it hurt I'd never really get started. So I ride on, maybe not today because the riding with swelling, well that would just be silly on my part, but maybe in a couple of days it will be back down into normal swelling range again, and I'll be on the bike again. It's just hard not to ride, when I want to.........yep need to practice some patience here =)


I also wanted to leave you with a thought. In my studies of the Proverbs 31 woman, I have found many interesting and thought provoking words. Today the word is Virtuous and in the Hebrew it means: a force, wealth, virtue, valor, strength, among other things. What I love about this word is that a virtuous woman is a force, oh yes she is. I think I've often thought of Mrs. P31 as a very quiet, meek run over me kind of girl. Oh not so. She is a force of strength and valor. An honest, kind, but strong woman. I love that!!! I want to always be that kind of woman. Never will I look at her as a woman who has a weak quality. Meek and weak are NOT the same thing. She is a woman of strength ~~ you my darling lady, whoever is reading this at this moment....YOU are a woman of strength and valor.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for your comments. You just don't know what they mean. Some days I am strong and don't let this knee in all it's implications, get to me, oh but others, yep are a little harder and your comments really lift me up.

We are trying to decide if it is time for another shot in my left knee (the "other" knee). I've had one, and can only have three lifetime, so we want to use them wisely, but my ligament on the outside is really wearing (effects of all the arthritis) and the only thing they can really do to fix it is a total knee. Yep, thanks but I am NOT interested in that!!! Still trying to get right knee under control. So we press on with lefty. If you'd pray for wisdom for us, we'd so appreciate it.

Love you all ~~ Have a Blessed and Beautiful Wednesday,


  1. Have been loving your views on Mrs. P31... (that is a great name!)

    And your poor knee... you have been SOOO patient with it & I know you have to be up & down with progress doing well & then back sliding... but I'm sure with every back slide - its still one more step forward... so keep pressing on!

  2. Dawn,

    Love the Mrs P31 reference-virtuous with force! I desire to be more of a woman of strenth. I'm sorry about your knee-OUCH! You will be in my prayers to heal this week.

  3. Dawn,

    I will be praying for healing on your knee. A great friend of mine had the same thing happen getting out of a truck bed and heard that pop.

    Her doctor told her it may heal on it's own, if she stays off it, but if not, surgery is her only option.

    Thanks again for the Proverbs Woman! I imagine her as strong, determined and not one to let anything get past her.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. i'm soooo sorry about your knee and that your in such pain! my dad has chrones disease and watching a parent in pain is so hard!! i'll be praying for you and your family!!
    ya, i'm growin my hair! i always make it to a certain length then cut it again....that's sooo a hair dresser thing i guess!!! thanks so much for noticing!!!!

  5. Dawn! I have missed you! ha! Oh bless your heart! I am sorry you aren't feeling the best, but know I'm praying for you!

  6. So sorry about your knee. I always marvel at how I take my body for granted, right up until something doesn't work! :-)

    Found your blog through MckMama's site. It's nice to find someone with teens (I have three!).