Monday, June 8, 2009

Random Friday on Monday...What's up with that?!!

So I didn't get my customary weekly wrap up on Random Friday last week. So what's up with that?!! Well, Dak and I had a wonderful day on Friday and because of all the wonderfulness it just didn't make its way onto the sorry about that.

But I'll do me some sharing today....

I haven't posted about said teen in a while. He's been a very busy boy and now that he's driving and almost 17 and all, well he's just not home as much.tear. How does that happen?!!?!

He is tutoring at summer school this summer, and it's just too cute. He tutors K-1 and 2nd-3rd graders. He is only scheduled 8:30-10:30, but he goes in at 7:30 to do aerobics with them (I know!!! How cute is that?!) and then he stays usually until 12:30pm, the end of the summer school day for the kids. They dance with him in the morning, read with him during class, and tackle him at recess. Yes, it does a mom's heart good to know that her "baby" is making a difference to these little ones, and wants to, yes it's very good for this mama.

Well on Friday he went in just to do aerobics and then he came home about 8:45am, because they were going on a field trip and he had a physical for Cross Country and Tennis. Yes he is playing his beloved tennis. He is just ate up with it and can't believe we are finally getting it here in our little mid-western town in the Ozarks of less than 1200 people. Good news indeed!!! anyway......

After the physical we went to eat lunch at one of our fav Mexican places, El Charro. It is a little authentic Mexican place and let me just tell you, IT IS DELICIOUS and cheap inexpensive.

And I took our camera along for the ride. your welcome =)

So one of Dak's fav things about going here are the chips and salsa...

Apparently one of my fav's as well.... Do my eyes look scary or what?!! Please be kind and just tell me their will make me feel better about myself =)

Did I mention that Dak really likes the chips...

see.... he can't get them in fast enough!!!

Oh yes, doesn't Dr. Pepper just taste better in an authentic Mexican restaurant?

And apparently Dak is so hungry he will eat the taco sign....poor kid.....
And if you're wondering if we are bothering the patrons.....ummmmmmm no, they must have had a feeling that we needed to be in our own room. Yes they put us in our own room to eat. It had one other table, but those people left right after we arrived. Should I have a complex...??... =)

Dak ordered something he's never had before..........can I just interrupt this caption for a brief moment to reflect.....Yes this is a HUGE step in the right direction. There was a day....back in the day of this young one, that he NEVER tried ANYTHING NEW.NEVER. Did I mention NEVER?!!!! But now, it seems 16 yearoldhood brought with it adventure and now he surprises us all the time....progress people.....progress.
Okay back to the caption........
He ordered Chile Relleno (sp?) and here it is...

Have you ever seen anything like it? I mean seriously. Apparently Dak hadn't either!!! And man was it hot!!!!! Did I mention Authentic?!!
Here he is determined to get the better of it, but in the end, ummm yeah it got the better of him and he REALLY likes hot stuff!!!!! It was too funny!!!!! You crack me up son!!!!!

Ahhh yes and then my food............Fajita Quesdilla........let's take a moment......
My two fav things in one.....beautiful!!!!! And on the side.....guacamole salad, bestillmyauthenticMexicanlovin'heart!!!
Yes it was a BEAUTIFULLY large and wonderful meal!!!!!

Okay so what post would be complete without a pic of lil Scoot?!!
Here he is being all cute and adorable!!

And again, the cute and adorableness just continues.....can you ever get enough?!! Let me answer that for ya.....nope!!! =)
Oh yeah, if you didn't see my last post, please go take a look at what Sir Cuteness LOVES to do now.....ahhh he just makes my heart go pitter-patter.

I hope ya'll had a GREAT weekend.
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Monday,


  1. I really love authentic Mexican, too. Oh how I miss being able to get it. They don't have it in England, at least not that I have found. I love me some chicken fajitas. This place we always went to made a dish called, the "Durango Special". It had chicken that was made perfectly with melted cheese on it with shrimp on the side. It had tortillas, guacamole, and pico de gallo to make up something like a fajita. Yum!

    The little guy is adorable.

  2. Dawn,

    Loved your post, next time save me a seat. I am a chips and salsa addict along with a big ol Dr. Pepper! Something just tastes so right.

    I think I would have passed on the chili relleno, but would have ordered the same as you or just plain old fajitas!

    No, your eyes don't look big or funny, just like your enjoying time with Dak! Hope you have lots and lots more of those.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Great post!! What a nice young man you have...anybody that will get up that early to exercise with little ones is awesome!! Don't you just love the energy of 17 year olds?!? where do they get it???

    Love chips and salsa...could eat them everyday! Have a great week.

  4. Love that post!! I think that is SO sweet that Dak is helping others at his young age. And I love that I found someone else with a teenager that blogs. :-))

    ~Brenda, over at Prairie Tales

  5. That is just the sweetest thing about Dak! Most kids wouldn't THINK to get up early in the summer to go hang out with little ones. What a great kid Dak is! (So excited about his tennis team, too!)

    We have an El Charro here in Mountain Home too! We eat there every Sunday after church. My fave's are the Pollo Loco, Charro Enchiladas, and the chicken quesadilla. We love us some El Charro!

  6. They all grow up so quickly don't they? I have a grand daughter turning 2 next week, her sister turning 1 in two months. I have an adult daughter in her twenties and a daughter turning 16 in two weeks. Where does it all go!

    Enjoy your precious times with your family. Loved the photos and I pray a wonderful and blessed summer for you all.

    Love you.

  7. Love that glad that you stopped by my blog. I just posted my last Disney post...Hope it will bring you a smile.