Saturday, July 4, 2009

2nd Saturday Update on Dak...

Thank you all so much for praying. They did find out what is wrong. I am so thankful.

We had blood work and chest x-ray at the hospital, and the chest x-ray was normal, no Pneumonia ~~ Praise the Lord!!! The blood work however did show some things. His white cell count and blood platelet counts are low and his liver enzymes are really high, coupling this with the fact that after I spoke with the doc on the phone and headed to the hospital, Dak started breaking out in an awful rash, like all over his back and part of his stomach, then it spread to the rest of his stomach and his neck and face, poor guy, and it is so itchy. When the doc called back with the results of the tests, I told her about the rash. She said she needed to see him right away, so she came into the office and we met her there. She took one look at him and said, "oh my!!!!!!!!!"

So the results of all this is that she is pretty sure that Dak has Tick Borne Illness. She said that this can be very serious and gave him an antibiotic. She did say that we need to keep a very close eye on him and if his rash does not keep "blanching white" when we go across it, if it stays red, we have to get him to the hospital and she will meet us there. She said that would mean that he has a deep bacterial infection like a meningitis, which she doesn't think it is because he just had his menencoucal vaccine 3 weeks ago. I did ask her if this could be a complication of that and she assured me that it wasn't. I was relieved. The timing seems so suspect and all, but she was sure that wasn't it.

She said that he should be feeling better in a couple of days if it is TBI as she is pretty sure it is. He has his first dose of his antibiotic in him and a Benedryl and we bought him a little pack of fireworks he can sit and stare at until he feels well enough to go to our friends in the country and shoot them off. Of course, he wants me to shoot the pretty stuff tonight. Have I ever mentioned how accident prone I am? Yep it should be an interesting evening, but if putting my fingers in harms way will help my "itty-bitty" feel better, you know I'm there =0)

So again I will keep you posted if anything else comes up. But again, thank you so much for your prayers, I know they have been with us today. It is like God just cleared the way for us on all fronts today, low traffic, hardly no one in the hospital today, so that meant no wait for us, and the results came very quickly.

You are so good and you love us so much. Thank you for your care and watch over Dakota. You know how much I love this child, but I know you love him more than I do, and you are so watching over him and us. Thank you for your kindness to us Father and your goodness. I praise Your Name, and I love you so, Amen


  1. Dawn,

    I didn't realize Dak was sick. I just read your update and am praising God for giving you answers and for making it easy to see the Dr. and also get the results back quickly. Hope he feels better soon.

    I will keep you all in my prayers.


  2. Dawn,

    God is so amazing at how He hears our prayers and addresses all our concerns. Here is hoping that our Mighty Physician is already at work healing Dak!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. The LORD is good and His mercies endureth forever!!! Dak remains in my heart and prayers dear sister.

    Love you

  4. oh, Dawn - Praise Him that we have a diagnosis! I pray that the Lord will continue to put His mighty healing hand upon sweet Dak. I also pray for you sweetie - I know that when our kids are sick it weighs heavy on us moms!

  5. My, my, that boy sounds sick! I'll be praying the antibiotic kicks in quickly and he's feeling well soon.

    You're lucky your hospital stay was quick. The 4th of July is usually full of accidents and such.

  6. boy, i've missed a lot!! i had to do some catching up!! hope he's feeling much better now!!
    i've got to stay on top of my reading!