Monday, August 10, 2009

The 70's

Okay, so please bear with me, as this will be another day of "lots of pics" kind of post =)
Yesterday, we celebrated my mom's 70th b-day!!
My mom is one-of-a-kind. She is one of those people that other's are just drawn too ~~
Yes, she has be the "it" factor. Always has.
Well, yesterday she turned 70 ~~ and can I just say, she is Fabulous at 70, FABULOUS!!!
So on to some pics of the day .........
Here is her cake.
Is in not beautiful?!!
My friend K made this cake.
She does fab work!!

Here is some detailing on the side of the cake.
I love the dots. Love them!!!

Oh yes, and then there's this cutie pie!!!
Get-out-of-town cutie pie!!
Seriously, have you ever!!??!!??!!

This was so sweet....
yep he just set right up there in her lap and was totally content.

And of course he had to take in Dak's tunes.
I mean what else do you do at a b-day party?!!
I mean really... =)

Here is some of our group.
(My baby sis D and her family arrived a little later.)
So this is (from L to R) A (my nephew), Dak (of course), Sir Cuteness (of course), Me (of course, ahem) My big sis R, seated: Mom and R (my B-I-L, of course =)

And then papa arrived!!
Let the party begin for Sir Cuteness!!!

Shoo what is in that ice cream ?!! =)
(That one's for you G!!)

Okay so these last three pics will seem somewhat repetitive,
but hang in there with me....
My mom, sis's and I hanging out at the table looking at G with the camera .....
My baby sis D showing us her pics from the day.
It was her 20th class reunion.
So fun!!!
And then this is a day in the life when we get together.
We all just sit and chat and chat.....
We could do this for hours.....
And see mom, yeah she is always taking it all in.
(She was probably listening to the guys convo ~~
I'm sure we were boring her to tears by this point =)
So today starts a VERY busy week for me.
Today, I'm taking A and Dak to town for lunch and a movie.
They have a b-day date on Dak's birthday, per tradition, ya know =)
And since school just so happens to start on his birthday and his mother will NOT let him skip the first day of school to celebrate (what is she thinking, I mean really!! =)
We will be celebrating today, at least with his traditional annual A and Dak party.
Party on sweet thangs ~~ Party right on!!! =)
And so while they watch "Terminator" I may just have to make my way over to my new fav store ~~ F 21 (your welcome Megan =) And see what is on sale!! I heart them.
So ya'll have a Blessed and Beautiful Monday....
Happy birthday mom!!!
We love you,


  1. I am so glad that you had such a blast with your mom. Tell her happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to your momma!!!

    Love the picture with her & Sir Cuteness... he's getting so big!! & me & him have the same reaction to ice cream too... blah! :) Hope you're having fun at the movies!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful birthday for your mom. I know she loved getting together with all her kids and grandkids. Sir Cuteness is as precious as ever!!

  4. Love that you shared all your mom's sweet goodness with all of us on her 70th birthday WOW!

    Love the beautiful cake and just seeing all of you there was worth it all for her.

    Tell Dak that his card is on the way, Cait and I mailed it out to you today.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Aww, Happy Birthday to your beautiful and fabulous Mom!!! Loved the photos!

    Love you Sweetie.

  6. Hi Dawn,
    What great photos! Happy 70thy b-day to your mom! Have a fabulous day.