Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Things I'm Lovin' on this Random Friday!!!

So ya'll know how I do love me a Random Friday post ~~
and since we haven't had a good RFP in a while,
then by all means, sit back and enjoy the extreme randomness of this one!!!
First of all, I am LOVIN' me some garden goodness!!
These are some veggies we used to make 12 pints of salsa two weeks ago.
Yep and have enough tomatoes to do AT LEAST 12 more!!!
YAY for garden goodness~~
Oh and please don't miss the glass of iced tea in the background ~~
Also lovin' me some sun tea right now as well =)
Okay, so don't get crazy on me, it's not me I want you to notice in this pic ~~
It is the shirt ~~
I had my FIRST ever outing to Forever21 in like the real life sense ~~
And not the Internet sense ~~
And it was, as all of ya'll have eluded to ~~
Delightful, as this top will attest to ~~
How cute ~~ I mean seriously ~~
How cute is this top?
And it didn't even break the bank!!!
Yep lovin' me some F21 (that one's for you Megan =)
Oh yes and you know I'm lovin' this one ~~
Oh my stars ~~
And I'll be lovin' on him in an in person kind of way this afternoon ~~
That's right, going to pick up Sir Cuteness himself, at 3:00 pm ~~
The count down is on!!!
Oh yes and this goofy, gorgeous one!!
Lovin on his silliness for sure =)
This Bible study I'm lovin' and feelin' and yellin' at all at the same time ~~ some days =)
Just started it as I have completed "Me, Myself, & Lies" ~~
I have done this one before about 7 or 8 years ago,
But I have felt God leading me back here.
It is so great to be in a different place than when I did it before.
Yep Lovin' it too!!!

Okay so how cute is this shrug?!! I mean really ~~
Pair this baby with a tee and jeans and a cute pair of boots ~~
And girl you are ready for a night out with your man!!!
Whew ~~ yep now this is CUTE!!
Lovin' ~~
Also lovin' on these books ~~
I'm kind of wishing they were in a little more chocolate color ~~
But still lovin' ~~

Also lovin this necklace and may even have to think about purchasing
for the mere price of $4.80.
Lovin' ~~

Okay so those are just some lovin' things right now.
Yep big doin's this weekend.
Sir Cuteness will be coming this afternoon.
Dak is thinking about going to the Artwalk this evening with his tennis team.
My lovely mama celebrates her 70th bday on Sunday with a quiet bash here at our abode.
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Weekend,


  1. You picked out some cute stuff!

    Our tomatoes aren't doing so well anymore... but we're just about to get canteloupe and watermelons!!

  2. Dawn,

    Well send some of those pints of salsa over here. They wouldn't last long at all here, my hubby and daughters would make it up and eat salad bowls of it all day long.

    I can't complain at least they are getting all their veggies in for the day.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Hey Sis, I'm with Kat on the salsa (smile).

    Loved the photos. You are too cute!