Monday, August 17, 2009

Ambulance Rides, Isotopes and more from the weekend ...

Well, this has certainly been a crazy weekend. It started out fine. I went and got Sir Cuteness on Friday evening ~~ YAY!!! Spent Saturday with the little guy while hubby went to work and then to C & T's (Scoot's mommy & daddy) to patch their roof. (Yep on their new house. sigh.)

Well he got home about 8:00 pm Saturday evening, and then him and the little man went to bed about 9:30. I stayed up to get ready for the next day, per my usual routine. Dak was watching Law & Order and I was preparing for bed, when ............

I started getting a VERY bad pain in my chest; like somebody was sitting on my chest and extreme pain and I couldn't breathe. It hit quickly. I went to the bedroom and tried to lay down, but really couldn't get air when I laid down. I got back up and tried to walk around, but the pain just got worse. D got up and came into the kitchen and we decided that we needed to get me to the hospital, but the pain just got worse, so we called 9-1-1.

They got here quickly, and put me on oxygen, which helped me to be able to breathe better. They took me to the hospital and then when we got there, the docs gave me Nitro under my tongue. This helped the pressure to subside, and then they admitted me. bummer.

Yesterday morning they did a stress test, which is were the Isotopes come in. They put this radioactive material in your veins an hour before the test, and then more during the test. You don't feel it really, and the effects of it you don't really feel either, but they are powerful little things. They help the radiologists to be able to see inside your heart to see if you have any blockage. Which, btw to the best of their ability with this test, all looks well. They did give us the option to do an angiogram to be 100% sure there is no blockage, but we said no to that. At least for now. We'll see how I get along.

I did get to come home yesterday, and I am now typing from the comfort of my recliner. Oh how sweet home looks when you've been away and had to leave that way. Sweet bliss to be home.

I will call my regular doc and get in to see her. I am feeling some better this morning. I woke up with a headache, but it is relieving as well as I'm up and around.

My husband is going to come home mid-morning, and is talking about staying home with me tomorrow as well. He is the BEST husband, he has so watched over me and really fussed over me this weekend, and doing so on very little sleep. He has been working 12 - 7's. Very difficult and then doing things like working on mom's car and patching roofs in his off time. WOW ~~ not much time for rest in all that. So hopefully he can catch up on his rest in the next couple days as well.

Dak was such a trooper this weekend. He was so scared, but he remembered all he had learned from Coach H at school during his CPR class, and he did so good to keep me awake and not FREAK OUT!!! All though he said he had to leave the room when the paramedics got here, because he was freaking out on the inside, but he never let it show to me. Dick and Dak truly are the best!!!!! God has so Blessed me!!!!!

Well, today I am going to just hang out here and be a good girl and make my docs appointment and just chill.

Ya know what verse was going through my head as I lay in my hospital bed:

"Ah Sovereign LORD, you made the heavens and the earth with your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you." Jeremiah 32:17

And indeed NOTHING is too hard for God.

Yep my verse for the first part of August. I have my next verse ready as well. I'll be posting that soon too.

I will keep ya'll posted. And thank you all for reading and commenting and praying. It means more than I can truly say with words.

Love you,


  1. Oh my friend!!!! I gasped reading this!!!! How scary that must have been for you & for your family!!! Glad everything is OK so far... glad you are home! Have they ruled out any sort of panic attack or maybe reflux - my husband has SEVERE reflux & it feels just like a heart attack & takes your breath away... oh mercy... hope they find out what happened!!!

    Praying hard for you dear one!!!

  2. Dawn - i just am so glad and thankful that you are OK!

    I am thankful that you took it seriously and didn't ignore it - now you need to make sure you get checked at your doctor.

    I will be praying for you. I rejoice with you for your husband and your son.

  3. Oh Dawn,

    This took me back to a time six months ago, where I did the same as you only I didn't call 911. I probably should have, but I guess I was afraid it wouldn't be anything.

    What it turned out to be what a moveable gall stone that happened to be just where I believed my heart was. Apparently I had to change my diet and take a prescription to prevent that from occurring again, prilosac, but then again, you can by it over the counter. They didn't find it the first time, I went to the hospital but the second time they did. It also allows heart emzymes to show up in your blood work.

    Your headache is from your nitro. It may last a while. Cool packs and dark rooms help!

    Praying for you sweetie and hope you won't have anything further.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. So sorry to hear that Dawn. I am glad everything is looking clear for the time being. You bet nothing is too hard for our God! Glad to know you are safe in His very capable hands. Rest well...I am praying for you now.


  5. You made my heart skip a beat or two reading to the end. I praise God for His hand of protection on you and thank Him for giving you peace and a good report. You're in my prayers.
    Blessings ~ Lisa

  6. Omigosh, that must have been so scary!! I am so glad you are ok! I can't imagine how scary that was for Dak!

  7. Praying for you dear sister in the Name of Jesus!!!!

    I love you and my heart and prayers are with you right now!!