Friday, August 28, 2009

Crazy Love!!!

I am participating in Angie Smith's book club here. The first book we are doing is Crazy love by Francis Chan. Yesterday Angie posted a link to reading the first three chapters on google reader and since my book hadn't come in yet, I went over and read the Forward, the Preface and Chapter 1. So far it is fantastic!! My book came in the mail yesterday ~~ yay ~~ and I read Chapter 2 last night. Francis Chan also has a website devoted to this book where he has posted videos of him talking about the book and also a snippet of a message he did. It seriously is an amazing thing to see the Bigness of our Universe and to know the God who created it all, loves you and me so much on this tiny blue planet. Believe me, it is tiny in relation to the rest of the Universe. You will truly stand in awe of God!!!! If you get the opportunity go here and watch "The Awe Factor" really worth the time to check this out. I was amazed!!!

So since I'm linky linking this morning, I'd like to give you another link. CYC (Clever Youth for Christ) has started up again, with our first meeting being this morning. And this year Carrie and I are stepping back on our leadership roles and allowing the kids to lead it. We both feel this is from the LORD and we look so forward to seeing how He moves in this. Well one of the things that He is leading me to do this year is start the CYC Blog up again. You can find it here. I am very excited about this. The first post is up and ready to go, so please go check that out and leave some love on there for our kids. I really want them to be encouraged and strengthened in the LORD by this site. So I will be posting devotional thoughts on there as the LORD leads and other really neat things. So check that out!!!!!

As you all know, I have been under the weather lately. I am feeling better, but my strength still has not returned in full. These things take time huh?!!? It doesn't help that the vacuum fell off the bed yesterday ~~ Is that a weird sentence?!! Yes I know, what was the vacuum doing on the bed?!!!? Well it had a ribbon stuck around it and I was trying to get it out. Well I finally did and then I was getting it off the bed and it fell, yes and hit my knee on the way down. Are you kidding me??!!! I am such a klutz!!!!!!!!! So this morning my ole knee is sore, but other than that it is doing pretty good.

Well, I am off to do some business stuff and then to the market and then to get Sir Cuteness this afternoon. Yes that's right, Mr. Adorable One will be here this weekend. So expect LOTS of airtime in the form of pics, ohhhh along about Monday =)

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Weekend ~~ the weather here right now in the Mid-West is beautiful ~~ a little cloudy today, but the temps are lovely!!!


  1. This is the 2nd time I have come across this book today. The other being Brook's blog at snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

    I believe this is a must read for me. I plan on picking it up this weekend.

    You feel better and have a blessed day! I'm lifting you up in prayer.
    Blessings ~ Lisa

  2. Luke read Crazy Love and absolutely loved it. I really should be reading it with everybody else. Sorry I didn't tell you happy birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Sweetie, I'm praying for your health and everything that you've shared with me. I'm praying for your Youth function which I know will be awesome.

    I heard great things about Crazy Love from a few other bloggers a few months ago that were sharing on it. I have to get that book when I finished my other readings.

    I love you dear one.

  4. Dawn,

    Sorry that your healing has been delayed by the attack of the killer vacuum and just when you were trying to help it from choking. Bad vacuum.

    Can't wait to read more about your book and the things your youth group is working on. Both great things to be involved with.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. I'm doing Crazy Love, too. This will be so neat!!