Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do You Know What 7 Weeks from Today is?


I know hard to believe huh?! I LOVE Thanksgiving. I love the fellowship with my family and this year I will be loving the Turkey Trot once again. Yes that is right, I have been training and it looks like I may just be ready for the TT on Thanksgiving morning. I'm sure most of ya'll know what that this, but for those of you who don't, it is where you dress up like a turkey and trot around run a 5K. (How funny would it be if I dressed up like a turkey to run ~~~ hahaha ~~ the mere thought has me in stitches ~~ hahahahahahaha) OKay, no I will NOT be dressing up like a turkey, any more than usual, to go run that morning. The downfall to the TT is that you have to be there like at 7:00 am or something ridiculous like that on Thanksgiving morning. And if you cook, like I do, then you know that it pushes dinner back, but it is so worth it. And how over-the-top excited am I to be healthy enough to run this year. I am pumped!!!

Now granted, when I say run I am really talking about a smooth glide jog. But the journey this girl has been on, it feels like I'm running as fast as Dak at a Meet!! Sweet Hubby and I went on a run yesterday and I was able to go 2 miles. YAY!!! That is a first since surgery nearly a year ago. I wasn't sure I could be ready, but after our run yesterday, I am really encouraged. Now let me just say that I was able to do the 2 miles, but I did take a break at the mile mark for about 5 minutes. Now I won't want to do that in the actual race, so I still have a ways to go, but I am gearing up for it and will keep training and keep you posted.

Also since Thanksgiving is only 7 weeks away, I wanted to let you know that starting next Thursday I will do my Thanksgiving Thursdays post again like I did last year. Now what is that you might ask? Well, each Thursday leading up to Thanksgiving I will be posting things I'm
Thankful for, fun Thanksgiving facts, recipes and Scriptures; things to ponder. Each week it is something new and fun. I really enjoyed it last year, but I wasn't able to do it all the way up to Thanksgiving day because of surgery, but this year hopefully that will not be a problem.

The recipes this year will be of the healthy nature. I'm sure a lot of you don't count calories around the holidays, I used to be the same way. But when I am not conscience of what I eat, I gain weight, and the holidays, I used to think, gave me a licence to eat whatever I wanted, because after all, it is only one time a year. But then I'd find myself carrying those bad habits over into the New Year, and I'd find myself making resolutions to lose the weight I'd gained and so forth. Vicious cycle.

So this year, I will be giving you some healthy alternatives to those high-fat and high-calorie dishes. It's going to be tasty and fun!!!

So today it is raining, raining, raining here and very cool. I did manage to get out in my garden before it started pouring to get some fall cleaning done. It did end up pouring on me as I was cleaning up, but it was really fun. A cool fall rain, delish!!

So I'd like to leave you with a pic of some herbs I picked out of the garden this morning.

Is that purple basil not beautiful?!! God's creation always knocks my socks off with beauty and simplicity, joy and hope. There is hope in a garden, even a fall one ~~

Have a Beautiful day ~~ even if it's raining your way ~~ make the most of your day ~~ live it for Christ~~~
Love you all,


  1. Dawn,

    Your Thanksgiving celebrations sound like so much fun and I look forward to participating in your Thursdays as well!

    Please send the rain to the west! We had some clouds roll on by yesterday and they looked promising but they just blew on by. Another cooler sun filled day today but thankful it's not hot!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Great post, Dawn. It sounds like the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving will be exciting here at your blog. I wasn't around to be a part of it last year, but I will this time around. Since I'm in England, we don't get to celebrate Thanksgiving at least the way we would if we were back home. That being said, we will still make a turkey and all the trimmings the following Saturday. My hubby has to work on the actual day.

    It sounds like you are doing well with your running. Great job!

  3. I'm with ya friend! I LOVE Thanksgiving. Would love to learn your healthy recipes. My parents are coming to me this year and truly I should make our Turkey Day nice and fun and tasty and healthy. Looking forward to your posts!

  4. So excited that you are going to be able to run the race!!! God is so good! I am hoping to get back out there sooner than later! :)

  5. Oh mercy... your love of Thanksgiving... how fun!!!! I cant believe its 7 weeks away!!!!

  6. Looking forward to your Thanksgiving posts! Praise God for your healing progress. Run the race girl..., run the race!
    Blessings ~ Lisa