Friday, October 9, 2009

Foo-Foo & Vegetables

So as you all know, Sweet Hubs is on vacation this week, and we have really just been chillin'. We haven't done anything to exciting, just mainly rest for him. He has worked so hard over the summer, that he was in need of some SERIOUS rest. We talked about going somewhere for a couple of days and getting away, but in the end, decided rest was best, right here at home, and that has worked out since the weather so would not have cooperated this week.

Well, part of the rest and relaxation this week has been making sure he is eating more healthy, lots of vegetables and lean protein has been the norm (which usually is around here), but with him working so much over the summer, he'd gotten to where he was eating a lot of fast food, so he wanted to get back to the more healthy eating.

In pursuit of healthy food, I have been cooking for him more like I cook for me, but with meat for him. Well yesterday for lunch I fixed what he affectionately told me last night was Foo-Foo and Vegetables. Hahahahahaha what?!!

This is the way it went down:

Me: Honey, ready for lunch?

SH (Sweet Hubs): Sure.

Me: Okay (went in and started cooking lunch.)

So let me explain what Foo-Foo & Vegetables really is. It is actually Couscous with steamed broccoli, sauteed onions, green peppers, and cashews with a little Tamari sauce (aged soy sauce).

Me: Honey is your lunch okay?

SH: Yeah.

Me: (Thinking everything is good at this point ~~ I go and fix my lunch).

After lunch SH gets up and goes into kitchen and I hear rattling going on. He comes back in with an almond chocolate bar he'd bought at work a couple of weeks ago from a Mighty Might.

Me: Honey (very affectionately with a hint of sarcasm =) What are you eating?

SH: A rice cake.

Me: Is it good?

SH: MMMMM Yummeeeeee!!!!!

Me: Interesting.

So last night before bed I told him my tummy was growling so I was going to go eat a little snack before bed and he said it was because we ate Foo-Foo & Vegetables. To which I reminded him that was lunch and that I'd fixed him Chicken Pot Pie for supper (which btw is much more substantial and one of his fav's ~~ ahem). So I did the whole, "ohhh you don't like my cooking" to which he preceded to tell me I was crazy. hahahahahaha

So I got up and ate some Kashi cereal, thank you very much, and may just have Foo-Foo and Agave Nectar for breakfast. So there =)

I know I said not much posting going on this week, but with the weather I've been able to be on more than I'd thought.

Have a Blessed and restful weekend full of Foo-Foo & Vegetables,


  1. Your SH is a great sport, I think mine would have gotten up and went through a drive through. He's a meat and potatoes man. To him, salad is something you feed the rabbit.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Whew! I'm SO far behind without my computer. Kale has it fixed (needed a new hard drive) and it's waiting to come home to momma (next weekend!).

    Good for you for cooking SO healthy! That's such a loving thing to do for you and your family.

    I'm SO excited for you to be able to participate in the Turkey Trot 5K!! (Yellville's Turkey Trot festival is this weekend...they have a 5K too.)

    I can't believe Thanksgiving is only 7 weeks away...that means the wedding is 7 weeks away! Oh my!!

    Glad y'all are doing well. Take care of that knee, sister!

  3. Dawn,

    You are so cute! I love how you brought us into the lunch conversation. My hubby would have done pretty much what yours did!

    Gotta love them!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Dawn,

    That is too funny. Hey foo-foo and vegetables sounds pretty good to me.

    My hubby's thing is that he doesn't want anything "breakfasty" for dinner. You know like pancakes and bacon or something like that. He wants man food, which is what I think your SH was looking for.

    I definitely think you should put a "D" on your pumpkin. It was much easier than I thought and I didn't have transfer paper to do mine. If you need help, just let me know. :-)

    Blessings to you!

  5. "Foo foo and veggies" - I was laughing when I read this because it sounds like my house. My husband is always asking "what's for dinner" and when I tell him, he gives me this look like he's not sure he wants what I'm fixing, LOL! He's a good sport though and if necessary he will resort to the same remedy your husband did - a candy bar or ice cream always does the trick!! Thanks for sharing...

  6. I enjoyed reading this Sis! My love and prayers are with you and your precious family.

    Love ya.