Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Reflections

So "Random Friday" is on hiatus this week. Instead, I have decided that we'd do "Friday Reflections" today.
Tomorrow is Districts for Dak's CC season. As you know, he has had quite a week and quite a season.
He is feeling better, but still not 100%. But we're praying for him and knowing that he will do his very best tomorrow. We are just so thankful that it looks like he will be able to run.
He is going to go for a run after school today and see how he does.
We are so proud of him and his accomplishments in CC this year.
Here are some pics of the season.

He has won several medals and ran his personal best at the biggest Meet of the year. Incredible!! Yes it has been quite a year.

We have a wonderful Christian coach. I am so thankful for his influence and love for these kids.

Every year the night before Districts, he and his wife hosts all the team and their families in their home for pasta and fun. It is always so much fun. They never let you bring anything, they just want you to come. They are generous and lovely people. Thanks Coach and Mrs. Coach McNabb. Ya'll are GREAT!!!

Since I'm reflecting today, I thought I'd do a little reflecting on past Halloween costumes for Dak. I wish I had LOTS of pics to show you, but my scanner thingy is not hooked up to my laptop, so I can't scan right now. Bummer. But I wanted to reflect on my fav Dak costume from over the years, and I have a few. But my fav was when he was 2. Probably because it was so sweet and what he wanted to be.

We asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said, "corn-da-cob mama" (his fav food at the time =) ~~ well of course you do, my sweet fair haired boy. So "corn-da-cob" it was, and this mama went to work.

I got a green footie pajama and went to the drug store and bought some yellow cotton balls and start sewing. I had sewed yellow cotton balls onto that onsie until I thought my fingers were a pin cushion. And on Halloween a very proud of his costume Dak, donned his corn-da-cob. Every where he went, he left a trail of "corn". It was so stinkin' cute. He had very light hair then, and we gelled his hair to look like the husks on the cob. It was my most fav costume of all time. I have one pic of him in this outfit. (Before the day of digital camera's). And when I can I will scan that baby. It was just the sweetest thing.

So that is one of my most fav memories of Halloween. I'm never been a fan of the scary stuff, but I love to see all the sweet little costumes that kiddos wear as they come to the door. Terrific!!!

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Weekend,

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the collage of Dak. I clicked on it and it made it nice and big. Good for him and his accomplishments.

    The "Corn-da-cob" request was precious. I bet he looked adorable.

  2. Wish Dak the bestest of luck at the meet tomorrow. I know I've said it before but I really do miss cross country.

    I would love to see a pic of the costume you made. I was never very crafty. I wouldn't have thought of that.

  3. Dawn,

    Just the literal descriptions of this cute costume sounds amazing. Can't wait to see pictures when you get them up. Here is hoping all goes well this weekend and you all feel and stay healthy!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Tell dak not to push himself too hard though. He's gotta build up that immune system!

    Cant wait to see some halloween pictures that will totally embarass him! :) I love to see the little ones dressed up... nothing cuter!

  5. Poor Dak...I'm glad he gets to go to Districts, but I'm sure his body is tired. Hope he does better than he hoped for!

    That corn on the cob costume is such a sweet story. Don't you love those precious memories??

    Have a fun weekend.

  6. I pray all goes well for Dak today and that he's better and stronger with each day.

    Love and blessing to you and your family dear sister.