Sunday, November 1, 2009

District Boy, Marathon Girl and Halloween!!!

Saturday were our CC Districts at College Heights.
The kids did soooo well!!!
Dakota had a very rough Meet, but we tried to remind him that he was running with Swine Flu (no longer has a fever and not contagious, but still feeling kind of puny).
Cole, team captain, took 12th place and will be going to state.
Dak took 26th and will not be going to State this year, but he did so well for being so sick.
He was so sick after the race. We had to get him to the bus quickly for his inhaler.
He was better after that, but it was a little scary.
He was so disappointed, but I told him it was the silly flu, but he wouldn't take any excuses.
I felt so bad for him.
So here are some pics of the day.
The boys before they ran...
translation: Dak trying not to throw up before the race =)
(We have a pic of him looking like this before every race =)

Here is Cole and Dak is two behind him at this point.

Here is Dak at the finish line. He is running REALLY hard!!!
Coach told him to take it easy ~~ he didn't listen =)

This is my fav pic of the day.
This is Dak's wonderful coach giving him some encouragement after the race.
It was just the best!!!
We have the most wonderful CC Coach!!

Here is Cole with Bridget's name on. We have two girls going to state this year too; Bridget and Kelli. Bridget had to leave for V-ball Sectionals, so Cole accepted her award. Very nice of him =)

Here is me and Cole's mom Regina.
I love this lady. She is the sweetest thing and just has the best heart.
Cole was in a serious car accident on Tuesday (he just had some scratches and bruises),
but his car was totalled. The highway patrol told his dad that the boys (Cole and his friend) would have been killed had they not had their seat belts on. Very scary.
This was very hard on Regina.
This is the second time Cole has totalled a car in two years.
I love her so.
I don't' have a good pic of Kelli, but I wanted you to see this very sweet, FAST girl.
She won first place at Districts. She has a GREAT chance of finishing in the top five at state and she is only a Freshman. You go girl!!!
I didn't get a pic of Bridgette, but she is also going to State. GREAT showing kids!!!
So today my baby sister walked her first marathon.
It was so exciting. She was so fierce!!!!!
I wanted to show you the beautiful places she got to walk, and it was a lovely day today.

Here is my baby sis coming down the lovely trail.

Here is my lovely sis.
I am so proud of her!!!

Go Dena Go!!!

Here she is coming down to the finish line.

She finished in 6 hours 17 minutes. That is an average of about 15 min miles.
Really good for walking.
Here we are after the race and lunch.
I love my sister so. We have the best time together!!!
It was just a GREAT day!!! I went to church (our new Satellite church) and then off to watch my sis walk. GREAT DAY!!!
I wanted to go ahead and post Halloween pics to.
Here is Alyssa getting ready to go.
Such a pretty girl.
Her and Dak went to a Corn Maze.

Here they are.....
Ready to go.....

Here I am with my boy. Look how much bigger he is than me.
When did that happen?

The black on my face is where the kids kissed me.
I have black and white lips on each side of my face.
So Cute!!
Here's me and "Baby Girl" as I like to call her.
I had no idea what she was doing until I saw this pic ~~ so funny!!!

~~ Here she is just being so cute ~~
Scary son ~~ just stinkin' scary ~~ ya gotta stop scaring me!!!

Cute son ~~ real cute ~~ put the fake, Halloween weapons down =)

The kids playing around while getting ready.
They are so cute.
I love these two!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a Beautiful evening,


  1. Bless Dak's heart. He's a trooper! He'll show 'em next year!

    YAY for your sister! I'm impressed!

  2. I was worried for Dak pushing himself after being sick... poor guy!

    But looks like he was up for Halloween - how cute are they!

    A FULL MARATHON? Your sister should be so proud of herself - thats AMAZING!!!!

  3. Dawn,

    Love all the beautiful pictures. It's nice putting images next to the words so we can see what is going on.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Glad Dak is better - great run for being sick!

  5. You're right. It doesn't matter where Dak placed, at least he finished, flu and all. He gave it his all I am sure.
    Love the pictures.

  6. go dak!! glad he's better!! he's WAY stronger than me!!!
    cool pics!! looks like yall had a great halloween!!!
    have a good week!!!
    God bless!!!