Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Update before the Fun Begins...

Well today is our first installment of "Thanksgiving Thursdays", but first I wanted to update you on why it will not be posted until later today.

A week ago this past Monday I had to have a tooth pulled at the oral surgeon. Well over the weekend it got infected. So we had to call the emergency # and the doc on call got back with me and called in a prescription.

Well, on Tuesday (two days ago) I started not feeling very well; light-headed, dizzy, headache. When I went to stand I noticed my knee hurt (not necessarily unusual), but as I walked around it didn't get better, and it felt really tight. So I took at look at it and sure enough it was really swollen and I didn't feel good at all. So I called Sweet Hubby and talked to him about it and he told me I'd better call Mayo.

You see even though it has been nearly a year, complications can still arise, namely an infection in the joint of my knee because of the parts. Apparently my body does not recognize them, because in a perfect world, they shouldn't be there. So the anti-bodies that help fight infection are stubborn and don't want to give "the new kid's on the block" a break. I find that rather snooty =)

So I called Mayo and they called me back (rather quickly I might add), and sure enough, very concerned about infection. So she wanted me to call my local Othopod doc, I did but of course he wasn't back in his office until Friday and didn't want me to wait that long so he told me to get to Urgent Care (this was yesterday). Sweet Hubby had stayed home yesterday to take care of me (is he not the best?!! I mean seriously, he really does take that good care of me, better really than I can even express here. He is an amazing man!!) So off to the flu infested Urgent Care we went, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer in hand. (Sweet Hubs NEVER leaves home without it!!)

Side note: He drives Dak CRAZY with the anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. It is perched right as you walk in the house and EVERYSINGLESOLITARYTIME Dak comes inside (from anywhere) he has to use it, and all his friends as well. Fun times for our 17 year old =) It is really hilarious, not to mention very smart on Sweet Hubby's part.

Okay thanks for letting me take you on that slight detour, now back to the story =)

So there we sat in the full flu-infested Urgent Care with coughers and hackers (doesn't anybody watch the Today Show anymore where they tell you practically daily how to cough into your elbow?!!! Obviously not in MO!) anyway.........

After about an hour they called us back. They took an x-ray and the good news is NO INFECTION. Praise the Lord!!!!! An infection in this knee would be VERY BAD news indeed!! But there is however, fluid in the joint and the infection in the tooth (or lack thereof my tooth) is causing the knee to be irritated. So today I have an appointment to see my oral surgeon and the doc at UC said that he would probably change my anti-biotic to a more systemic one that will help more with the knee as well.

So at 10:00 this morning I will hobble to that appointment. I will be so glad when this knee is back to my new normal. I'd kind of gotten used to it. My knee is adding character to my walk these days and my run. Although it maybe a little bit before I can get back to training. bummer.

So this is why I don't have my Thanksgiving Thursday post up yet. It will be up later today, maybe even in the evening time, but I do plan on getting it up today, so please check back.

I hope you all have a blessed and beautiful day and please remember Andrew and Kate in your prayers today. Both of these young ones and their families desperately need us to "stand in the gap" for them.

Love you,


  1. So glad no infection in that poor knee of yours... sorry about the infection in your mouth though... after having MANY this past year, I know that that hold about 0% of fun!!!!

    What a sweet husband you have that takes such good care of you... even if it Dak smells of cleaning sanitizer all the time. Tell him its all the rage for teens now! :)

  2. Dawn,

    Forever thankful that it is not another infection in your knee. Sending prayers your way to make sure you all stay healthy and you get better soon!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Dawn,

    Glad to know your knee was okay but Im sorry to hear that you have had so much trouble with the tooth! I will be praying for you :)