Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wait for it.....Wait for it.....

Just Kidding.....
The wait is over!!
Although I am now thinking that this reveal quite possibly will disappoint what with some of those guesses and all.
These made me smile:
I knitted something (okay that is more than a smile. That my friend is a belly laugh. But thanks for the confidence RJ!! =)
Oh and no I AM NOT PREGNANT and not having a new g-babe, although that would be splendid. Love me some g-babe!!
And no, my hair is the same.
So what could it be?!!
Well, do you remember when I posted pics of our prayer/study room a while back?
It looked like this....

A table and some chairs in there. Our white board on a stool...
Our coffee table added a little character to the room,
but that was about it.

Until now!!!!

That's right, welcome to:


I am so excited to show you what I've been working on.

I've been wanting a chair for this room, a nice big comfy chair to study in, but didn't want to spend any money.
Well, my neighbor called me over a couple weeks ago and wanted to know if I wanted this....

Isn't she lovely? Yes, I know. Our walls in this room are VERY white.
But that is what sweet hubs does when he paints.
I think he's allergic to colors.....hahahahaha
Really he just likes the cleanliness of a pretty white wall, and I really don't mind.
It's a blank canvas right? Right.

So with a chair to build on, the wheels started turning in my head.
I moved my corner shelf out here and I love it so much in this room.
It is green, my favorite color.
I love all things nature in color.
You know green, oranges, browns; nature.

This is a little closer look with the lovely curtain.
I also really love Burgundy.

I especially love this curtain in this room.
It INSTANTLY warmed it up in here. And not just temperature wise either.
I mean you walk in now, and you are hugged by this room as soon as you step down.
It is so cozy.

And remember the stark white board from before?
Well I gave it a new coat to wear.
Yep a fresh coat of Red Iron Oxide, to be exact.
It goes so well with the color themes in this room.

Oh and let me just give you the verse from the board right now.

Romans 15:5 The Message "God wants the combination of His steady,
constant calling and warm, personal counsel in Scripture to come to characterize us, keeping us alert for whatever He will do next."

Wow do I ever want to be characterized by His constant calling and personal counsel. Anyone else?!!

Oh your probably wondering about the window.
Well it goes back into the kitchen.
This room originally was a porch, but sweet hubby wanted to add on to the house,
because at the time we needed an extra bedroom.
So the porch was the easiest to convert.
How talented is my man?!! I mean really.
He does such GREAT work.

We do not have a lot of art work in this room yet,
but I wanted to show you this painting I got at a garage sale a couple weeks ago for $2.00.
How adorable is this? And true.
Live by faith...

This is my little nook that I am typing from this very instant.
Your probably wondering what the books are on the chair.
Their both Bibles. I keep several translations + my computer translations close.
I like to read from different versions.

Next to my much loved chair, is my much loved basket that I've had for years.

So this is where you will find me most days and evenings too.
I just love it in this little corner of the world.

This is a book shelf that was in the living room taking up space.
I love it in this room.
It houses several Bibles, pictures and gifts I've been given.
It is a GREAT addition to this room.
Adds to the cozy value.

Here's a little closer look at the corner shelf.
So that is our prayer/study room. It makes me so happy to sit in here and read or pray or just be. Ya know?
Thank you all so much for stopping by.
I hope this reveal didn't disappoint to badly =)

It is so cold here today.
After a nice warm shower, I think I'll be cozying up with a cup of almond milk hot chocolate and a book. Sound good? Any takers?!!
Have a Blessed day,


  1. Oh my goodness.. it just looks so cozy & homey... like someplace to just SINK into to relax... love the whole room - it IS clean with those white walls - but still cozy with the curtain & brown comfy chair!!! I totally love it! I think I'd live in that room!!! Such a neat place to get away in your own home & spend time with God!!!! Love you have the white board in there too... I have mine still behind my desk at work with verses. I need to do that at home too!

    Yep - looks like a wonderful place that Jesus wants to hang out with you in! :)

    & I will add - that chair look mighty comfy to knit & pray in... hehe!!!

  2. I LOVE it!! Someday I want a prayer room like this! I have always wanted a little "nook" so I can spread out all my Bible and study "tools" like that! I LOVE IT!!!

  3. Dawn,

    You have a thinking chair like from Blues Clues only it's not magenta colored! I too want a chair like this, I forget what they call it but it's more like an oversized chair for two skinny people.

    Love, love, love your personal touches in your blessed prayer room. Sending many more blessings along with this comment that God will just refresh you each time you step inside.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. It's a sin to covet - so I won't..., but I heart your prayer room.
    Blessings ~ Lisa