Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Reflections .....

GOD IS AMAZING!!!!! This week has been one of prayer and petition on behalf of sweet baby Stellan. I've cried tears, travailed in prayer, joined with my husband, fell on my face with so many of you, and have felt the collective prayers of so many, and GOD WORKED MIGHTILY!! Monday Stellan's heart had to be shocked back and then he went into surgery and God was the surgeon. The Great Physician healed baby Stellan!!!!! The outcome the doctor's told them not to even really hope for was the outcome they got. Stellan is healed of SVT with only a 1% chance that it would ever come back. And guess what?!! He was discharged yesterday and is on a plane home today. HALLELUJAH!!!!!

As I was typing this, this song came to my heart, so I'm gonna share it with you. It is one of my fav's from several years ago.

Hallelujah!! Jesus is Alive,
Death has lost it's victory,
and the grave has been denied.
Jesus lives forever,
He's alive, He's alive!!!!!


On Wednesday morning Dak asked if I would pick up items that he needed for a project he and Brandon are doing in American Wars. I said sure. So he gave me the list and off I went to Hobby Lobby (I mean seriously I never need a reason, but I feel so much better about it when I have one =) ~~ Thanks baby boy) anyway.....

That evening Brandon came over and they got started.

So what happens when you give a 16 and a 17 year old army men?
They become 7 again. It was delightful. So in honor of this I made chili cheese burgers with chili cheese fries ~~ they were thrilled and so was I. It was a joy!!!!!

So here they are taking it to school the next day. They were sooooooooo excited!!!!! (And no they did not plan on dressing alike ~~ too funny!!) anyway,,,

As they were walking out the door Brandon says, "I'd do this project again just for fun." Dak replies, "Me too, man!!" Me: for just another moment....I drank it in, and out the door they went. Beautiful!!!!!

So here they are with their finished project.....

And here is said finished project.

Winners.... (red stuff is blood ~~ yep great victories are hard fought and sometimes require blood shed ~~ can I get an Amen?!! ~~ that will preach ~~ anyway...)

And the losers.....not as much blood, but there are dismembered bodies on this side (gross I know, but we are dealing with teenage boys here... what can I say =) (oh the black lines are railroad tracks and the black splats are where the cannons fired....) I know the play-by-play not necessary, but you know me, I love the details =)

So this morning in CYC (Clever Youth for Christ) we talked about hearing the voice of God and how you do that and what it sounds like and so forth. We have a girl in CYC that totally blesses my heart every.single.time. She is a freshman, and she LOVES the LORD!!!!!
This morning she talked about Naaman in 2 Kings and how she had been reading that chapter and when she got done she started talking to the LORD (love that, love it!!!) and was asking the LORD what He wanted to show her through this passage. It blessed my heart so, that this beautiful young teenager wants to be lead of God and KNOW GOD DEEPLY. It touched me in the deep place of my heart.
God has spoke mightily to my heart today and I am so thrilled!!!!! I LOVE Him so!!!!!
I hope you all have a Beautiful weekend. We had plans, but..............................................
Plans have been changed because...........................................................................................
Where you might ask?!!
A nursing home!!!!! How incredibly cool is that. He will be washing wheel chairs and talking with patients, when he picks the wheel chairs up from their rooms. He is so thrilled, and very suited for such a position. He just has the sweetest heart. So you might show him a little love. Ya know give him a little "shout out" in the comment section, and I'll pass the love along.....
Have a Blessed weekend,


  1. I kept reading over & over again the news of Stellan yesterday with my jaw dropped... once again in awe of God's healing powers!!!!

    Dak - YOU GO BUDDY!!!! You're going to be such a light to the people in that nursing home! Even just saying hi to someone who probably gets no visitors will make their day! You think you're there to do just "normal" work... I have a feeling God put you there for much more! :) Good luck!

  2. I too am so excited for Stellan!! I have been following MckMama's blog since before Stellan was born, through the ups and downs and can hardly believe that he is truly healed!

    Good luck, Dak, on your job. Sounds like it might be an interesting experience. :)

  3. Rejoicing over Stellan!

    Dak - great job you and your friend did on that project. Good luck on your job!

  4. I am so behind on blogs, but wanted to say Happy Weekend and good luck to Dak!!! He will be GREAT!


    I'm just overjoyed for Stellan.

    Congratulations to Dak!

    I love you dear sister.

  6. What a great week....and love that song....I have had so little time to do any blog reading and I have missed it...stop by my Christmas blog and leave a comment. The giveaway is a great Christmas CD to add to your collection.

  7. YAY for Dak!! That's a great job for him. The residents will LOVE his energy!!

    I am still OVERWHELMED with awe over the way God moved in healing Stellan. I'm just so grateful!