Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday ~~ 2 Weeks & Counting!!!

Anyone feeling the pressure of two weeks and counting for Thanksgiving?!!
Well, don't my friends. Just sit back and relax. Enjoy the season!!
I used to be REALLY bad at that. I worried so much about how things looked and what people thought about the presentation and if I'd cleaned enough and so on and ononononon.
But now, I try to relax and enjoy the events leading up to it and the day itself with family and friends. There's always a lot to do, but I'm learning to find joy in the journey.
Most of all I want God glorified in EVERY PART of this celebration and every day of my life.
Now that is a good goal to strive for.
So today I have recipes and fun for you starting with this little lady.
I mean seriously how cute is she?
She just made me happy ~~ so she had to attend our little Thursday party ~~

Okay so let's start with some Thanksgiving fun food, shall we?!!
These are little Pilgrim Hat's made out of fudge striped cookies and mini-Reece's peanut butter cups ~~ seriously have you ever?!!
How much is Sir Cuteness going to enjoy these?!!?!
Yep will probably have a test run this weekend =)
Pilgrim Hat Cookies
1 cup vanilla frosting
7 drops yellow food coloring
32 mini-peanut butter cups
1 pkg fudge-striped cookies
32 pieces orange mini Chicklet gum (which I cannot find ~~
it's annoying)
In a small bowl, mix frosting and food coloring. Remove paper liners from peanut butter cups.
Holding the bottom of the peanut butter cup, dip the top in the yellow food coloring.
Position over center hole on bottom of the cookie, forming the hat band and crown.
Add a buckle with the Chicklets gum (if you can find it ~~ I may use a tic-tac).
Repeat 32 times =) and ENJOY!!!
Okay so this next recipe comes from where the above recipe did ~~ Taste of Home Thanksgiving Addition (thanks mom =) and it is delish!!
Yes I know, I like cranberries....moving on.....
This was sooooooo good. I made a vegetarian version of it the other night and loved it.
The version below is the original...your welcome!!

Thanksgiving Cabbage Salad
2 medium apples, chopped
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup half-n-half
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons celery seeds
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
6 cups shredded green cabbage
2 cups shredded red cabbage
2/3 cup dried cranberries
In a small bowl, combine apples and lemon juice. In another bowl, combine the half-n-half, sugar, celery seeds, salt and pepper; gradually whisk in vinegar.
In a large bowl, combie the green and red cabbage (I used a blend in a bag, because I'm just cool like that ~~ okay it is just easier =) cranberries and apples. Add dressing and gently toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving.
Okay so let's break from the recipes for a moment and look at a GREAT and SIMPLE decorating idea.
Mini pumpkins and gourds in a basket turned on it's side.
I do this kind of thing. I like to turn something on it's side and let the goodness spill out.
Like my life ~~ sometimes it gets spilled on its side, so I just look at it like a good time to let the goodness of my Jesus spill out ~~ it's a very good thing =)
So if you have a basket, wire or not, or a vase, or a wooden box, anything really that you can turn on it's side. Go for it. You have permission. Turn that baby on it's side and start positioning your pumpkins and gourds or your pine cones and acorns or your baubles and ornaments, charms and tassels; anything really. This is just such a GREAT, easy, SIMPLE, and very INEXPENSIVE way to make a statement, so give it a go!!
And it's fun!!! I like to see all the many variations.

Now let's talk turkey...
Okay since I've been being transparent lately, let me interject a little transparency into the TT post this week ~~
Making the turkey is my LEAST favorite part of Thanksgiving!!!!!
Yes I know I just said that out loud (well sort of =)
It is messy and salmonella-ee and all gross all up in here ~~ ya know?!!
I don't like getting my hands in its business and pulling some of the business out and all that stuff, BUT
its Thanksgiving for crying out loud, so one is obligated to make a turkey, and really what other bird comes in a size that will feed 15?!! Yep the turkey, so I make turkey.
Not to mention the fact that my whole family LOVES IT!!!
Especially my sweet hubby.
In fact, I always purchase a bigger one than needed, so that we have plenty of left overs to have Turkey Pot Pie and plenty of Turkey and Rolls etc. ~~ my hubby LOVES turkey leftovers.
One of the best ways I have found to get the most flavor and juice out of the bird is brining.
I posted the instructions here last year, so please check that out.
And don't let it intimidate you. It isn't hard, just a little time consuming, but the bird is so much better that way. YUMMEEE!!!!! It's well worth the time!!!!!!!!!
Note: I linked you to the entire Thanksgiving section of my recipe blog, so scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Brining Recipe. And check out the others while there. There are some cute ideas from last years TT posts.
So next week, we will tackle pies and desserts with a couple of surprises thrown in just for good measure I'm sure =)
Psalm 34:8 "Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him."
Most of all this Thanksgiving season, remember that the LORD is good. Take refuge in Him and be Blessed.
The video today is "Amazed" by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir with Jason Crabb.
The story of this church and this choir truly is amazing. If you have never read "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" you need to!!!
And that Jason Crabb ~~ boy can sing, I'm just sayin'.
So enjoy and be amazed by Jesus today!!

I love you so ~~ have a Blessed day,


  1. Thank Dawn, I think I just gain 5 pounds by reading your blog LOL.

    In truth, I think I'm going to try the Pilgrim hats and the cabbage salad, yum......thanks for sharing the recipes.

    Your memory verse has really convicted me, I had to put it on my blogs side bar.

    GOD IS SO GOOD, I love the way he communicates with us through several different ways.

  2. Dawn,

    Once again, I love all the great creative little touches you add in making Thanksgiving just that much easier to manage. I am off to check out how to brine my turkey and like you will be making a huge turkey this year with family coming by.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. We made those pilgrim hats last year, and they were thoroughly enjoyed by my cousin's (then 1 year old) son, so I am sure that your grandson will enjoy them. :) Btw, we found the chiclet gum at the Dollar Tree (if you have any of them by you.)