Monday, November 23, 2009

Please pray for our sweet G-babe!!!

Our sweet g-babe Skylar (a.k.a. Sir Cuteness =) has H1N1. He was not feeling very well yesterday when he was here, and this morning woke up with a 103 temperature.

We are seeking God and praying for the healing of our sweet g-baby boy. We know how hard this flu is on the little ones. If you would please lift Him to our Father we would be forever thankful.

I love you all so ~~

PS I posted the cutest little video of Sir Cuteness and Uncle CoCo earlier today. You can scroll down it is the next post ~~ thank you so so much for praying!!!!!


  1. I will add him to my prayers tonight.

  2. Praying that it will be a quick and easy bout with H1N1! Hopefully the Tamaflu will help...

  3. Just prayed for little Sky... and will continue to ask for him to be well soon!!

    I hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving, Dawn.

  4. OH NO!!!! Dang it!!!! Will most definitely pray for that baby... & for you all as well. I heard its very contagious!