Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Skylar in urgent need of prayer...

Skylar has just been taken to the hospital by his mommy and daddy.
As you know, he was diagnosed with H1N1 on Monday. Tonight he has spiked a fever of 104 under the arm. The doc tells us it is actually 106 (add 2 degrees if taken under the arm). He is a very sick little guy right now. We would so appreciate your prayers for him.
I wanted to upload a few pics from this past weekend.
This baby is such a joy and delight to our lives.
Here he is drinking hot cold chocolate. He LOVED it!!!

And he loved the spoon too.
What an absolute doll he is to us.
We know that God is watching over him right now.
We just hate to see him so very sick.

Thank you all so much for praying for our little g-babe.

I will be updating as I know anything.

Thank you again for your prayers,


  1. Bless his heart...

    That's what I heard, that the fevers with this swine flu are unbelievable... May God's healing hand touch this little one & ease him through this illness...

  2. Praying for sweet little Skylar fervently!

    Oh, Lord, put your healing hand upon this sweet little boy and cause the fever to go away. Cause the illness that is threatening his little body to be gone and bring comfort and peace to him and his family.

    Love you Dawn!

  3. Oh no! I am lifting him up right now. That is so scary!! Let us know how he is doing!