Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Home .... Sweet.... Beautiful .... Home!!!!!

Well, here is how our day started. I decided to wear my slippers out to the car today, but didn't realize it was doing this....yes raining!!! Now my slippers have soles on them, but still it was not slipper weather.

Yep today it was definitely rain....but we'll take that over the ice and snow we encountered over the last two days of our journey.

This is how I sat in our car on the trip. With my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers pillow on the side of my knee and the directions on my lap with my camera close byand of course my Bible and pen. All the things a girl needs to travel.

Then when we got home I had a package in the mail from my dear blog buddy RJ.
She is a knitter and can I just say, the girl has skills!!! She sent me my beautiful scarf earlier this year, and I have wore it practicality the whole trip. In fact I wore it with my sweater and no coat to the docs office. It just made me feel so very happy and comfy. I feel home in that sweater...does that make sense?

So today when I got home this beautiful slouch hat was waiting for me in the mailbox in a package that she sent along with a gorgeous cross ornament that is hanging on our tree in the Prayer room and a beautiful key chain that just looks like me. And then this adorable hat.....oh how happy my heart was (and my head) when I saw this hat. I LOVE IT!!! It also is soooo me!!

We've never met in real life but I so feel like we have. We have a special connection. I love you RJ ~~ thanks so much for your kind heart. If you don't know RJ (Rebecca Jo) please go here and visit.

Well I have so much more to tell you all, but my hub is ready to rub my leg. So I must get going.

Love you all ~~


  1. I love that hat Dawn. It looks great on you.
    The snow is coming now. The weather says anywhere from 6 to 20 inches by Saturday. I am sure glad that you missed it and got home OK.
    Have a merry and blessed Christmas.

  2. YIPEE.. you got it!!! It looks fantastic on you!!! They are the best hats for "bad hair days"... I have to say, this honestly was my favorite slouch hat I've made & was so excited to send it to you... I love a fellow hat-lover!! ;)

    And we truly do have a great connection & friendship. God is so cool to bring friends together in the funniest of way - who'd thought blogs could do that?!

    Love you friend!! You are awesome!
    (Glad to see you safely home too!)

  3. SO happy to see y'all made it home safely and avoided the TERRIBLE roads.

    Can't wait to hear about your knee.

    Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, friend!

  4. So glad you made it home safe and sound! Merry Christmas! May you enjoy your family with lots of love and laughter!!