Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello from Bethany!!!

Bethany Mo.... That is where we are tonight. We are about 4 1/2 hours from home.

Here I am this morning just before we left to go to our doc's appointment. Why yes that is my sweet new camera (shhhh....it's not CHRISTmas yet I know....shhh)

I took a few pics for your viewing pleasure... your welcome =)
These little houses were down on the walkway in between buildings (which we never even had to go out on thanks to the subway system up there). Aren't those the sweetest little buildings.
This picture is taken on the 14th floor of the Gonda Building where my appointments are.

This is the sky walk that connects us to the mall...yep can go to the mall without ever stepping outdoors ~~ thank you sky walk!!
Yes look closer it was snowing. This was taken on our way out of town this morning.

This is a wind turbine....yep the visibility was poor...
Really poor.....
This is the road on the way back....oh boy ~~ here we go!!!
Well that is just a little look at some of our adventures this trip, needless to say it has definitely been adventurous. My appointment was pretty adventurous as well. I will be on a crutch again when we return home, and there will be some changes. All in hopes that we can get my quad firing. If it doesn't start working properly we will be making another trip in about three months for more treatment, but more on that later and on the prognosis.

Love you all ~~ have a super Blessed evening,


  1. Take care and be sure to follow the doctors orders.

    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. The snow wasn't supposed to start until Christmas Eve night. They lied to us again. I am glad you got out when you did.

  3. Great photos and I love your new camera! ( I won't tell santa you snitched it early...)

    Hope your knee is ok!

  4. Thanks for updating us. Be safe on your travels today!

    I hope you got some answers for your knee that satisfy you!

  5. Oh man, you werent joking - that weather looks bad!!

    Love you have a camera to really get to business in your blogging :)

    And what were in those little buildings? I'm all curious now!

  6. great photos
    God bless you and your family

  7. Hopefully you are back home, safe and warm!! I think we MIGHT get some snow tomorrow, but it is only a small chance. I think Kelly's chance is greater--she is in the NW corner of the state. Connor is hoping for a White Christmas, though! :)