Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Near sighting of a Famous Blogger...Onions in our Pumpkin Pie....and other happenings from our neck of the woods...

Okay, so first of all, Sir Cuteness and I are feeling much better. In fact, we had Sir Cuteness with us over the weekend. It was just so fun!!! And a nice surprise for us!!

So yesterday, I was out and about doing some grocery shopping and CHRISTmas shopping at our local big mall in Springfield. Well, as I had just come out of Forever 21 (lovvvveeeeee it!!) and was walking back to JC Penny, to what do my wondering eyes appear? ~~ Jennababe!! Well, at least who I thought was Jennababe, I nearly rushed her, and then my senses caught the better of me and I realized it was in fact, NOT Jennababe and as I was clearly about to lunge at her with my full force hug and "Wow it's so nice to finally meet you, and can we do lunch and and..." Which is so unlike me, because I'm really not a lunger, but I am a hugger....anyway........ I don't go gaga over star sightings etc., just not my style, but oh my stars it brought it right out in me when I saw what I thought was JB.

There is also another reason that CLEARLY this was NOT JB, because for one she had Starbucks in her hand and NOT Subway, and she was scowling. JB CLEARLY is NOT a scowler. Nope she is a smiler ~~ sweet, cute smiler. This woman could have taken me and would have had I not pulled back and just looked at her and smiled my best have a super day, smile!!! But it was close people.........I moved on to the bathroom and wrote this part of the post in my head, not even kidding..... So Jennababe if your reading, you may want to NEVER come to Springfield, MO and go to random mall in the middle of the day unless you warn me first, to which I will be prepared and have Subway in hand =o)


Okay so on Wednesday evening, hubs came into the kitchen where he saw a lovely Pumpkin Pie sitting on the oven that I'd baked earlier. It was so pretty. Do you ever just make something and it just turns out pretty? Yep that was this pie.

Note: Before you read on, remember I was sick,,,,sick people....like feeling reallllllyyyyy bad and had no business trying to cook a pie when I could barely remember which holiday it was I was cooking for, kind of sick.

So hubby asked if he could have a piece to which I answered, of course. I mean seriously, it looked so pretty, I couldn't wait for him to cut into it and slather (funny word =) on some whipped cream and sink his beautiful manly teeth right in, and then sing the praises of his wife who cooked such a beautiful pie, sick and all. Ummmmm yeah, okay......anyway.....

So he cut into it, with me standing right there, because I was waiting...ya know for the accolades, and he pulls the piece out of the pan, and says, "honey is that onion in my Pumpkin Pie?" To which I replied, "Ummm yes, yes it is honey." To which he replied, "why?" To which I replied, "I have no clue." Literally I had no clue. How did onion get into that pie and where in the world are the accolades? Well clearly no accolades coming for a pumpkin pie with onion. Oh boo.

Well it was only a few slivers (apparently they jumped into the pie, because they were wanting out of the stir fry. Who can figure out the mind of an onion....) and so hubby, being the sweet wonderful man that he is, picked them out, added Whipped cream, kissed me on the forehead, and laughed and ate it anyway and said it was good. He is a good husband. It was really funny!!! Yes an eventful Thanksgiving to say the least!!!


Now onto a few pics.

So have you figured out why Sir Cuteness is wearing a sweatsuit and tie?

You see Dak has a job now, and wants texting (I know...I know.....he thinks it is terrible that we live in the ice ages....what can I say, we're old school). So in order to get texting, he had to come up with a business plan. It was sooooo funny. He put his plan on the white board and then put a tie on Sir Cuteness and told him to look cute and adoring (I mean seriously that is NOT a hard task for him) and then Dak put on dress pants and shirt and did his hair and even adorned dress shoes, the boy was serious about getting texting. And he started about his plan. It was very well thought out and in the end, he did get texting, and so did I. Fun.

Here is Sir Cuteness, being well, cute. I mean who could refuse this face. Oh yes in the back you can see the white board turned around backwards so as not to give ANYTHING away!!! Funny.


Okay and if you hadn't figured it out yet, this is a VERY random post, but I haven't posted in a few days, and have lots of memories to record ~~ yay!!!

So Sunday we took our CHRISTmas card pics. Now please remember, for the most part, we DO NOT do serious CC pics. Nope. We like fun. Well these next pics are of our photo shoot, without giving away the actual pics. These are a just a few fun pics, and one enhanced photo.

This was fun. Dak shoving the end of his Santa hat in my mouth....real funny Dak....real.funny.

Here we are with me looking great with child. NO I AM NOT!!!!! But I still look like it. Funny. I love the new styles, except they don't have sleeves and they make me look great with child, but other than that, this is one of my fav new sweaters for the fall/winter.

Here is an enhanced photo. The hat hubs is wearing is a gift he brought home to me when I was sick. So cute!!!!!!!!! I love me a hat and have decided I need a cloche. Have ya'll seen them? So stinkin' cute....anyway..... I digress.....
The lighting wasn't great on this shot, so I enhanced it and I really like the way it turned out, but it didn't make the cut either. Too enhanced for the card.....just looked weird.....but it's cute here huh?!!

So there you have it, randomness at it's best. I'm hoping we can get our tree out this evening and then get it up and get started with the lovely holiday decorating.
Tomorrow it is going to be very cold and suppose to snow, what?!! Yep it is December after all.
Have a Super Blessed and Beautiful day,


  1. Look at your header with Sir Cuteness... soooo dang cute!!!

    I was cracking up about your blogger-celeb mistaken identity!! I'd totally lunge & hug JennaBabe too!!!

    What a sweet husband! Onions in Pumpkin pie & no complaints? Ricky would see a dark burnt spot & refuse to eat it... I'm going to make Ricky read this & rub it in his face!!! :) hehe!!

    I love your boys are up for Christmas hat pictures!!!

  2. I WISH IT HAD BEEN ME!!!! And you are right, I definitely would not have been scowling - especially if I saw YOU headed my way for a hug. Would have been awesome!

    Dawn, you are just too cute and this post made me laugh out loud! Thank you for sharing that story, and if you seen JB2 roaming around again, please tell her that her Georgia twin said to be a Lover not a Scowler. :-) Love ya, sweet Dawn!