Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Never Eat More Than You Can Lift"....Good rule of thumb!!

Okay so, first things first, I want to wish the man of my dreams, my husband Dick, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Honey you are the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I touch when I go to bed at night. You are a man of integrity and strength. You love me the way a husband is to love his wife, as Christ loves the church. Submitting to you, as a wife should, is a true privilege. You are a beautiful expression of Christs' love. Thank you for being just who you are ~~ I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!

These two pics are from a little vacation we took in 2005. It was such a wonderful few days.
This is us on the back porch swing overlooking Beaver Lake in AR ~~ Beautiful!!!

And here we are snuggled up against the fire place. It was such a beautiful cabin and such a special time for us. Love you honey ~~

Okay so now on to that wonderful quote in the title ~~ that got your attention huh? =o)
"Never eat more than you can lift..." Hahahahaha.....that is a quote from Miss Piggy herself, and one that I hope to continue to adhere to during this holiday season!!!

I will be renovating my recipe blog for the New Year. Your welcome. I know, I haven't kept up with it very good. It has been kind of a hodge-podge for way to long. So with much thought given, I've decided to redesign it into a food-fitness-&-health blog. So look for that at the first of the year, complete with some before and afters of myself and you, if you'd like to play along with me. If you'd like to tell your own story on that blog, please get a hold of me at my e-mail address, and you can tell your story on my blog, even if you are currently in the middle of your story (as we all are =) and haven't reached your goal yet, let telling your story at the point where your at, be a boost to your journey. And then I'll follow you on your journey and give you encouragement and we'll celebrate together your milestones. Remember, *your life *your health, is a marathon not a sprint. So be a person of endurance, and the strength will come. I have much to share on that blog and am really looking forward to getting started. I'll keep you posted.
That quote came out of a wonderful little holiday book, "God Rest Ye Grumpy Scroogeymen" by Laura & Michael Walker. If you've never read it, oh you should!! You really should!!! It has some very funny bits in it and some good ideas, recipes, antidotes and just stinkin' fun....I mean really, that quote was the caption under the chapter titled, "O Come All Ye Fruitcakes" how fun is that?!! I mean seriously!!!!! So fun!!!
So are ya'll done with your CHRISTmas shoppi1ng?!! I am almost done ~~ WOOHOO!!! So I plan on cleaning and wrapping today, reading and drinking some yummmmee hot tea, and enjoying BEING IN MY HOUSE ~~ IT'S COLD HERE ~~ WIND CHILL 0 DEGREES RIGHT NOW!!! UGHHHHHH!!!!!
~~ Love you ~~
Have a Blessed and Beautiful day,


  1. Happy Birthday to your handsome husband!

    Cute photos!

    So look forward to all the LORD will use you to share with us in 2010. I love you dear one.

  2. AHhh - happy Birthday to your dear husband!

    You two just always look so in love! <3

  3. Dawn,

    Just love how in love you both still look! This is the true definition of what a happy marriage looks like. Please pass along my birthday blessings to your hubby and wish him many, many more!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Happy birthday to your sweeetie.
    I am looking forward to your new blog. I think I will join my journey with yours.