Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanks for the Memories ~~ Chapter 1

So I was thinking about keeping special posts on Thursdays through the holidays and what I might do for a theme, and something wonderful came to mind.

On blogs it is somewhat difficult to really get to know the person on the other side of the screen in any kind of real personal way, and since I really like to know what has happened to make the person they are (because everyone has a story ~~ things that have shaped them), I decided we would do Thanks for the Memories Thursdays until CHRISTmas. That will make the last installment on CHRISTmas eve, perfect. So as I thought about what memory I would share first, I thought about all the things in my life both good and bad, that have helped to shape me into the person I am today, with so far to go. God has used the circumstances in my life to make me better, although sometimes, because I am slow to learn, it's taken longer than it needed to. anyway.....

I am a soft person. Do you know what I mean by that? I care about the details in life and about you; your story, your dreams, your desires, especially your walk with the LORD. He has given me a soft Spirit ~~ not a weak Spirit, not unstrong, but a sensitive Spirit. Hopefully I will always be sensitive to the moving of the Spirit in my life, and that will keep me sensitive to others needs and desires, dreams and hopes. It is important.

Have you ever wondered why I leave comments in the fashion that I do? I almost always address you by name and leave a salutation and my name to close the comment. Yes I know it is not a letter, but I truly want you to know with each comment that, I make that you are precious to me and loved. But what as made me like this?

Truly it started very early for me. The CHRISTmas memory I'd like to share with you today happened when I was a young teenager, probably 14 or 15. My dad had had an accident (he was a truck driver at that time), and my mom had fallen and broke her leg, so there was hardly any money coming in and things were very tight. I remembered prior to this CHRISTmas mom and dad had told us before that CHRISTmas would be tight, but they'd always managed to get us at least 3 gifts: socks, underwear and 1 toy. But this year was proving to be much different. Our diet consisted of beans and turnip greens, that a neighbor had given us, for the most part. Mom made the most of what she'd been given ~~ she's just cool like that!! Our parents had told us probably no CHRISTmas presents that year, not even the socks and underwear we always received and needed.

So as a young teenager, I was sad but knew there was really nothing to be done. We sat in our living room about a week before CHRISTmas when there was a knock on our door, and when mom opened the door there were a group of people arms loaded down with wrapped gifts and food baskets. I couldn't believe my eyes. Where had these people come from and how did they know of our plight?!! Still today it brings a smile to my face and mist to my eyes.

They handed out the gifts to us kids; gifts that had been purchased specifically for each one of us. These were not generic gifts, these were gifts that people had taken the time to buy for us as individuals. I received a striped sweater that year; the first new sweater I ever remember receiving. I wore it everywhere. I loved it so. Every time I wore it, I was reminded of the kindness of others and how we were shown such love that CHRISTmas. And the food meant so much too, because we didn't get things like ham and fresh fruit. Mom again, made the most of the food for her family ~~ again, she is just so cool like that =)

That is a memory that I cherish, and one that has shaped me into the girly girl I am today. I love feminine things, and I LOVE giving to others, even if its just a card or a smile or a kind word, because the kindness of these people meant as much as the gifts they gave. They were genuine and real and they loved on us like we were there own. It was beautiful to me. Indeed, a memory I will always cherish.

So there you have my very special CHRISTmas memory for the beginning of our "Thanks for the Memories" posts. If you'd like to join me and leave a post on your own blog if you have one, please let me know and I'll come visit and comment =) If you don't have a blog, or would just like to share a special CHRISTmas memory, please leave me a comment. It doesn't matter how long it is, I will read everyone as I always do. I love them and you so.
Have a Beautiful and Blessed day,


  1. Oh Dawn thank you so much for sharing your special memory. It reminded me of something similar that happened to me a few years back. I have not thought about it in a while and it is good to remember and praise the Lord for His provision. Our first year here in NC was financially difficult. At a church event right before Christmas my Pastor at the time handed me an envelope. It was a $100 Target gift card. We do not know how or where it came from (our Pastor was just the messenger) but we were forever thankful and grateful to be able to buy a few toys for the kids that Christmas. God is good! I needed to be reminded of this again this year as we are again in financial difficulty. Thank you for your prompting my friend! Hugs, Hope

  2. Hi Dawn,
    I really love this idea of yours. I have left a contribution on my blog. I gave you credit for the idea. I would be honored if you would read it.
    Here is the link...I hope.

  3. What a sweet, sweet story, Dawn. You have such a wonderful testimony. Thank you for sharing that today. Love you!

  4. Great memory.

    I love your new blog header! So colorful, and what a cute picture!

  5. That is a sweet, sweet story. God's people can be so kind... and I love that it's impacted you for the rest of your life!

    Have a blessed Christmas season, Dawn!