Monday, December 21, 2009

We've Arrived....

UPDATE: I now have a Dark Chocolate Mint Hot Chocolate made with soy in my possession. Oh be still my heart ~~ just like I make at home ~~

We are here. We had a wild weather day and it sounds like its only going to get worse. We hit bad weather about 2 hours away from Mayo. It snows and the roads get covered in a hurry up here, maybe because it's so cold all the time huh? =)

We've had our traditional Z's pizza (why can't we have one of these in MO?) and now I'm thinking about the obligatory Caribou's Hot Chocolate (with soy milk). I mean seriously, can you go to MN and NOT have a Caribou's something? Yeah I didn't think so either. So that may be in my very near future, if I can haul myself down to the lobby. I am so tired, but C's is so worth it!! Oh yes, you caught that huh? Yep a Caribou right in the still my Caribou lovin' heart =)

Well, our appointment is at 9:00 am and then we will start back home. We're hoping to get four or five hours under our belt, before stopping, but the weather is not looking good for Iowa tomorrow, possibly freezing rain. Yuck!! That is stop and cuddle weather =)

The above pic was taken with my new camera ~~ sweet huh?!! I have many more pics that I've taken to give my baby sis a tour of Mayo from MO =) so I'll be sharing some more when we get home. I'll give you your own personal tour.

Thank you for your prayers!!

Love you,

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  1. OK... I just sent an email asking what time your appt was... I'm on track with you now... wanted to be sure to pray for you while you were there! ;)

    Love that piano... how beautiful... did you get to play it? Hope so!