Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Great Mail Escapade of Winter 2010 =)

So yesterday I had a dentist appointment. And I am finding that there are apparently many changes that come along with a joint replacement, many things you have to remember. I remembered one of those when I was just minutes from my dentist. Premed antibiotics. You see, every time I have a procedure done, teeth cleaning etc., I have to premed with Clindimyacin, and yesterday, well I forgot. The dentist's receptionist must have forgot to premed with her happy pill, because she was not happy with my mistake. So because I live about 30 minutes from my dentist and the fact that you have to premed an hour before your appointment, well left me rescheduling. And then when I couldn't come in today at 2:00, well let's just say left the receptionist just plain huffy. I felt bad, but what's a girl to do? So I rescheduled and went about my grocery shopping day. (Hoping that receptionist found her happy pill and took it before the afternoon crowd came in =)

Another change that takes place with joint replacement is that you just don't quite have the stamina you once did for all day going to many different grocery stores kind of shopping anymore. You poop out. Which I did, just about the time to head to Wal-Mart. Yep I headed home.

Well it only took me like all afternoon to get the groceries put away and lunch in my belly and exercises done, and now it was time to check the mail. So me being the very savvy mail checker that I am, decided I'd just go out in my hard bottom slippers, but slippers non-the-less and not my boots. Now let me just say that it is sunny here and well above freezing so there is some major melting going on. So I thought no problem, little trip to the mail box is in fact, in order.

So I stepped down off the step and onto the side walk and then it happened. I slipped. Oh for the love of Frosty, don't fall, don't fall!!! I didn't. But that might have been a little easier on said foreign replaced joint. They apparently don't like slippage. Bummer.

I am alright though. Just have another in a long line of funny stories to tell Sir Cuteness when he's older, about PaPa and Gmaw's joint replacement escapades. (How old did that last statement make me sound? Don't answer that!! =0) And now a very sore foreign to my body, replaced knee-cap. Oh well, thems the breaks huh? (or not the breaks thankfully) =-)

So today there will be NO such escapades. If this G-maw goes out it will be with the proper attire and head thinking about the ice that is being left by the snow before I step into the great unknown and over to the mailbox.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Beautiful snow melty kind of day ;o)


  1. Oh Dawn. Your poor body. Yes, sometimes a fall is much better than catching yourself. I fall so often that I know from experience.
    You take care of your stiff body and all will be well.
    As for that receptionist...it was partly her mistake also. She needs to own up to that fact.

  2. Oh no! If it makes you feel better... I have been out in proper attire for the past 2 days and STILL almost busted my bumper a few times.

  3. "For the love of Frosty"... I totally busted out laughing at that!!!

    First thing I thought, THE KNEE!!!!

    Glad you are OK though... I tread carefully until nothing but blacktop is showing through!!! I've had too many spills of my own!

  4. Yikes! I hope that there was good mail waiting to make your trip worthwhile. :)

  5. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I have "moved" my blog (Living the best of Life in my Dreams). You can get to the new one through my profile.


  6. Sorry about your slip... I know what you mean about the melting. Our driveway is a MUCKY mess!!

    And I have to pre-med with antiobiotics before going to the dentist, too, for Mitral Valve Prolape.